Monday, March 31, 2014

Obamacare Enrollment Numbers: An April Fool's Prank

The bad news is we won't have enough signed up for ObamaCare. The good is: We'll just say we do...Jay Carnie Tweet

  • The all-out push to sign up Americans for ObamaCare is taking place as I'm writing this post even as the web site crashed again today. Over 20,000 navigators nationwide are working feverishly to get to the all important number of 7 million enrollees (as set by the Obama administration last year but denied last month by its surrogates).
  • But if there is one conspicuous lesson most Americans have learned in the past several years, it's this: we cannot believe any numbers or stats that come out of this administration.
  • We've also learned that ObamaCare is more of a hoax and a mirage. It's a law that's there but really isn't there considering the countless number of delays and extensions the Obama administration mandated since the law took effect last October.
  • In addition to the delays, the enrollment numbers do not include the number of people who have actually paid their first insurance premium. In fact, only 10% of uninsured Americans who qualify for ObamaCare exchange plans are signing up (McKinsey + Co. consultants). Just as embarrassing, it appears only about 25% of those between the ages of 18 and 35 years of age have enrolled as of late March. Even Health and Human Services admitted they need about 35% of this demographic to sign up for the law to be successful (meaning sustainable because the young will be subsidizing older Americans and those who have health problems).

  • It also appears ObamaCare is actually hurting those in need of treatments for specific serious health issues such as MS, cancer or Parkinson's. Betsy McCaughey, who has written extensively on ObamaCare in the last several years, pointed out that many ObamaCare plans don't cover many medications needed by people with MS {"How ObamaCare Slaps The Sick'}.  ObamaCare exchanges are also making it difficult for many patients to find doctors (remember, about 5-6 millions have already lost their healthcare under ObamaCare mandates). For more information on the ObamaCare casualty list, I urge you to check out my Sept. 20, 2013 post entitled, "The ObamaCare Casualty List Grows." Obviously, the casualties have increased markedly since that piece was posted.
  • So, as we enter April tomorrow, understand many Americans will be assaulted by one of the worst April Fool's pranks in American history: ObamaCare.