Wednesday, April 2, 2014

ObamaCare Supporters: The Delusionists Continue To Believe In The Illusion

The prez accused the GOP of not wanting Americans to have health insurance. He just forgot he caused 6 million to lose their insurance...Jay Carnie Tweet

  • In the past, I've referred to ObamaCare as an illusion, a mirage---it's there but it's really not there. The numbers that came in yesterday---at just over 7 million enrollees---has not changed my assertion. In fact, it reinforced it. As stated in numerous reports, including on this blog, we still don't know how many people actually paid for their policy yet. Again, as Jay Carnie (not the real Jay Carney, the WH spokesperson) also Tweeted yesterday: The number will be available to us the very moment it's no longer embarrassingly low.
  • So let's unveil some numbers that are absolutely embarrassing. If you recall, the primary mission of ObamaCare (ACA) was to insure the millions who did not have health insurance. In 2012, that number was about 47 million (Kaiser Family Foundation). That was two years after the law was signed. Yet, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported there will be at least 30 million American uninsured even after the law is fully implemented. In addition, Politifact, as well as Washington Post's Fact Checker, reported that Pres. Obama's claim that Medicaid expansion has bought health care to 7 million who never had access before is a bold-faced lie. In fact, WaPo gave that claim 4 Pinocchio's, their highest rating.
  • Forbes summed it up very well recently. They wrote: "At the end of the day, we appear to have covered 1 in 8 uninsured, but to get to this point, we've disrupted coverage for millions, increased premiums for tens of millions and amplified pain even further with a blizzard of new taxes and fees..."
Sidebar Follow-Up:

  • When Pres. Obama was first elected, I asked my readers not to pay as much attention to him as to the people he hires. It became increasingly clear many of his hires were full-blooded progressives including at least one self-avowed Socialist. The same can be said for the new Mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio {His attacks on Charter Schools in NYC were attacks on poor children. He kind of reminded me of the late Gov. George Wallace of Alabama who blocked black students from entering schools in the old South). 
  • Several months ago, I wrote a piece on his supporters including some in his administration. Well, it didn't take long for another story to appear.  As the NY Post wrote last week: "This is what passes for 'community relations' in Mayor de Blasio's New York." Mayor de Blasio quietly hired as his new co-director of community affairs in Brooklyn a real doozy.  Her name is Kicy Motley. During her tenure in de Blasio's campaign last year, she sent out Tweets like this: "There's a part of me rooting for #Dorner {he was the ex-LAPD cop who went on a wild shooting spree last year in Southern CA}. This racist, imperialist country gets the best of people sometimes..." She also Tweeted of the NYPD after they shot someone: "F--k. The Police." 
  • As I've stated many times in the past, for progressives, their ideology trumps love of country. In addition, they can also be dangerous.