Monday, April 7, 2014

Obama's Millennial Supporters: They Squeezed The Fruit But Didn't Get Any Juice

Pres. Obama is brewing his own beer at the White House. Actually, the White House beer is a lot like the Obama administration: great buzz, weak finish...Leno last year.

  • Before I begin my main thoughts, I want to give you an update. As my readers know, I've been taking NYC Mayor de Blasio and his progressive administration to task since he was elected mayor. From his war on charter schools (war on poor children) to many of his supporters (current NYC Speaker who lobbied on behalf of domestic terrorists), now comes this latest news. NYC Councilman Jumanne Williams wants the NYPD to stop arresting people who commit "minor" crimes in the subway systems. His minor crimes include drinking alcohol and public urination. Williams also said "an arrest can cause significant stress" to a criminal. Now folks, I grew up in NYC (Manhattan + the Bronx). I had the displeasure of having to take the subways on countless occasions. I can tell you from personal experience all kinds of human filth travel on that subway system. And if the disgusting behavior is not stopped in its tracks (pun intended), it continues. Note to Councilman Williams: what would you do to a piece of dirt who pulls out his privates to take a leak in front of a child let alone other commuters?  No wonder many in NYC believe the city is plunging into progressive hell once again.
  • It appears even Millennials are getting the message.  As the NY Post pointed out recently, the voter turnout for Obama by Millennials (those under 30) was huge. Most polls now show that Millennial support for Obama has evaporated.  And there appears to be very good reason for the plunge in ratings. When labor-force participating is included in their total unemployment rate, it reaches almost 16%. For Hispanics sit now stands at just a tad more than 16% and a pitiful 24% for Blacks (that rate jumps more than two-fold in many urban areas).  Just as disturbing, almost 2 million Millennials are not even counted because they've just given up looking for work.
  • Millennials, like many other Americans, have also watched as their incomes have eroded. They've entered a part-time job market too. Just last week, the Department of Labor reported that millions of Americans are only able to get part-time jobs. CNN Money reported that most U.S. jobs pay less than $20.00/hr. Eighteen million U.S. workers are now working in fast-food,  as waiters and waitresses, as cashiers, as maids and as personal care aides.
  • So it appears, millenniels, like millions of other Obama supporters, squeezed the fruit but didn't get any juice.