Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Climate Change Now The New "Big Distraction" From The Obama Administration's Scandals + Blunders

Global Warming May Be Irreversible By 2006...In The Onion in 2011

  • I'm one of those people who doesn't know who should be believed when it comes to climate change. The misinformation and disinformation is both disturbing and overwhelming. However, I do lean to being skeptical considering Al Gore has been one of the "leaders" in this controversy. It's also been interesting to me that the activists now refer to global warming as climate change. Climate changes every second. The question is: are we responsible for it?  There's been global warming and cooling going back billions of years prior to any human footprints or tire track disturbing the earth's soil. So you decide.
  • But that's not the main point of this post today. It's clear that the Obama administration and the complicit media have glomed on to the climate change train to divert attention from the administration's many scandals and blunders. This week it's to divert attention from the Benghazi scandal. We watched the Obama administration make use of these diversions and distractions for the last six years. For example, during the campaign, they threw out a variety of cultural-war diversions from class warfare to gender warfare. Romney was a bully {the opposition went back 40 years accusing him of attacking an alleged gay student}. Harry Reid, the most miserable prick in Congress and bold-faced liar, accused Romney of not paying taxes for years {he did and donated more money to charity than the combined salaries of almost every senator}. The Washington Post declared Reid a liar with that assertion. They even attacked Romney for being wealthy. In other words, it's okay for someone like Oprah, a democrat to be one of the wealthiest women in the world, but Romney---he's a bad guy.
  • And the complicit media has been doing its best covering for the Obama administration for the last 6 years. One doesn't have to go back six years. In the last several months, MSNBC and CNN have been obsessed with either Bridgegate or the missing Malaysian aircraft while they barely touched any of the major scandals surrounding this administration.

  • And now we will be hearing a lot about climate change yet again even though (as shown above) Americans' level of concern about climate change ranks at the bottom of almost every poll.

  • But then again, with Monica's revelations in Vanity Fair this week, we can count on a lot of oxygen being used up by the low information voters.