Friday, May 2, 2014

Dude! The Obama Administration Wouldn't Do That...But They Did

When the Benghazi emails were released, the president was out of the country. Now he's back and the story is too old for him to comment on...Jay Carnie Tweet

  • There was some good news today. The leadership of the House announced their intention to form a select committee to investigate Benghazi. It will also be chaired by Trey Gowdy.

  • Last night, Bret Baier of Fox, one of the finest journalist out there (not only my opinion, the opinion of those who respect good journalism), interviewed former White House NSC spokesperson Tommy Vietor about Benghazi. Vietor was at the White House during the 2012 attack on the consulate. When pressed by Baier on several key issues, this little twerp replied: "Dude, this is like two years ago." It appears he was following the lead of Hillary Clinton who spouted, "What difference at this point does it make?" when she was also questioned about Benghazi during Congressional testimony last year.
  • History is replete with examples of governments doing bad things and subsequently trying to cover up those scandals and major blunders. Our government has not been an exception. Nixon and Bill Clinton come immediately to mind. Nevertheless,  under this administration, they've taken making blunders and scandals to an art form. Yet, I often ask myself: Our government and administration wouldn't do that, would they? 
  • But they did. Put in charge of the Treasury Department a guy who didn't pay his own taxes.
  • But they did. Bowed to foreign leaders. And even told the president of Russia that he would have "more flexibility" after the election. We now know how that one turned out. The administration gave up any leverage they might have had with Russia by that one absurd statement.
  • But they did. For the first time in American history, our nation's credit rating was downgraded.
  • But they did. Appointed a self-avowed Communist and 9/11 Truther as Green Jobs Czar.
  • But they did. Vowed to end lobbyist influence in Washington while their influence has only increased during this administration's tenure.
  • But they did. In Fast and Furious, this administration sponsored an illegal gun-running program. They actually gave Mexican drug cartels over 2000 weapons. They subsequently lost track of most of those weapons. And at least one of those weapons was responsible for the murder of one of OUR Border Patrol Agents, Brian Terry.
  • But they did. We now know the IRS targeted largely conservative and pro-Israel groups leading up to the 2012 election.
  • But they did. The Justice Department collected phone records of AP reporters and even monitored the phone calls and emails of James Rosen of Fox News.
  • But they did. Wasted billions of dollars (taxpayer)  money on dozens of failed "green" companies.
  • But they did. Made promises in the 2008 campaign to bankrupt the coal industry (one of only a few promises kept).
  • But they did. Lied about Obamacare.
  • But they did. Spent millions of dollars of our money on an Obamacare website that didn't work on rollout after 3 years of preparation.
  • But they did. Circumventing Congress and the legislative process by giving thousands of waivers to Obamacare to politically connected donors. Congress has also been by-passed with regard to the dozens of delays granted under Obamacare by executive order. End runs around Congress have been typical under this administration.
  • But they did. Acted like thugs in the treatment of GM bondholders during the 2009 bailout.
  • But they did. Handing out over $800B in stimulus to fund "shovel ready" jobs. In fact, despite his campaign promises, even Pres. Obama admitted "there's no such thing as shovel-ready" projects." Real Clear Politics 2010
  • But they did. Yes, unemployment has finally fallen under 7% (today at 6.3%) but at the expense of millions dropping out of the workforce (over 800,000 just last month. As of today, almost 93M Americans are NOT working).
  • But they did. As John Crudele of the NY Post pointed out on several occasions, the government is faking many of its numbers when it comes to labor surveys and inflation stats.
  • But they did. Closed the WWII Memorial to WWII veterans and their families.
  • But they did. Spied on American citizens.
  • But they did. We've seen the administration act more of a bully against Americans than against our own enemies. Or as Mike Goodwin stated so well recently: Obama acts like "A Caesar at home and a Chamberlain abroad"
  • But they did. Mismanaged foreign policy to such an extent geo-political thugs now feel emboldened.
  • But they did. Told Americans al-Qaeda is on the run as it continues to extend its tentacles around the globe.
  • But they did. Erroneously blamed the attack in Benghazi on an anti-Muslim video when they knew it wasn't true. And then repeated that lie over and over again to the American people even on media news networks just prior to the election. The new emails published now makes it appear administration staff were directed to lie.
  • Dude, but they did, they lied.
Post Script To This Posting: The VA Scandal. Dude, but they did.