Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Knee-Pad Presstitutes In The Media Keep Steering The News From The Truth

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  • More and more rational viewers of the news know that most media outlets in this country have abdicated their ethical responsibility and duty to report the truth. Just turn on a network like MSNBC. It's clear it's become a mouthpiece for the government as well as a haven for lunatics. The same can be said for many of the other alphabet networks as well as the print media like The NY Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post and countless others across the nation. And while there are many outlets that lean to the right, the difference between the two is that a free press is suppose to hold governments accountable. Most conservative publications do that. Most progressive publications do not. In fact, progressive publications have a tendency to actually be mouthpieces for the government. 

  • Michael Goodwin pointed this out recently when he wrote: "...Obama has not lacked for lackeys...The system broke down under Obama, and the blame starts with the media. By giving the president the benefit of the doubt at every turn, by making excuses to explain away fiascoes, by ignoring corruption, by buying the White House line that his critics were motivated by pure politics or racism, the Times and other organizations played the role of bartender to a man on a bender..." This was clearly in evidence during the 2012 presidential campaign. Pew Research reported that MSNBC reported no negative stories about the Obama administration even in the face of high unemployment, historically high rates of poverty, countless scandals and a failed foreign policy. We witnessed similar lack of reporting from many of the main stream news networks.
  • In other words, as the Obama administration and its enablers in Congress drew red lines through American jobs, the economy,  healthcare, power, exceptionalism, security and prestige, most in the complicit media remained silent. For example, does any observer of the media actually believe they didn't know of the plethora of lies that emanated from the White House regarding Obamacare? Does anyone believe the media didn't know the initial claims by the White House regarding the attack on the consulate in Benghazi were bold-faced lies? (newly released emails this week counter the claims made by the administration that the anti-Muslim video was the reason for the attack.  But we knew that already). Newsbusters is reporting now that NBC News gave a whopping 28 seconds of coverage to the recently released Benghazi emails and The Washington Post didn't even do a story (The New York Times and WSJ did albeit deeper in the newspapers).
  • And perhaps no where was this more evident than in the Gosnell and Zimmerman murder trials. With Gosnell, the lack of coverage by the national media was so conspicuous USA Today could no longer avoid the embarrassment. They were forced to publish a piece entitled: "Media Late To Coverage Of Abortion Doctor's Trial." Keep in mind, this doctor was one of the most prolific  murderers in the United States. He was subsequently convicted on 3 counts of first-degree murder. On the other hand, the media couldn't wait to get involved in the Zimmerman/Travon case. So much so, NBC News was accused of altering the 911 tape.
  • And I'm obliged to mention more disgraceful lack of reporting by the mainstream media. By now, even tribesmen and women in the deep rain forests of Brazil know what Donald Sterling did. But did you know that Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom." The networks completely ignored this story. By the way, don't these nitwits every get tired of mouthing the same ignorant and old cliches?
  • And their sins of omission continue. NBC News didn't even report on their OWN poll that showed Mr. Obama's numbers are taking a deep dive.
  • And remember, one major new organization still employs this guy:

  • As well as this guy:


Since this was posted, MSNBC managed to try to turn ISIS and Ebola into race issues. And Gruber did to Obamacare what the media should have done 3 years ago.  In addition, the media keeps perpetuating false narratives about Ferguson and the NYPD.