Friday, June 13, 2014

Hillary Clinton + The Sisterhood Of The Slipping Pant Suits

Hillary's book excerpt: We were so broke I stopped paying the red phone bill around the time of Benghazi...Jay Carnie Tweet

  • It appears Hillary Clinton is having as hard a few weeks as Pres. Obama. Her book tour is turning out to be a disaster. She's even unraveled in her interviews with a complicit media.
  • In an interview on the Today Show, she actually said the five Taliban commanders that were freed two weeks ago are no threat to the United States. Now consider this. She was the Secretary of State. Her husband dealt with terrorism---not well---but he experienced the threat (first attack on WTC in 1993 is one example). Her husband's successor had to face the threat head-on. The 9/11 hijackers were trained in al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan. The Taliban ruled Afghanistan during the period these terrorists were in the country. So excuse me if I tell Hillary Clinton personally: she's delusional and full of shit.
  • Of course, many Americans are now familiar with her major gaff on ABC News when interviewed by Diane Sawyer last week. Clinton actually said she and Bubba were "dead broke" after leaving the White House. There is no doubt legal fees in defending Bill Clinton and keeping him out of jail took a chunk of their personal fortune. But dead broke? In fact, it's estimated that she and Bubba have accumulated about $150M in the last 10-12 years alone. She's earned $5 million since she left the Obama administration in speaking fees.  The Daily News reported that Bubba gets a cool $500 grand for 45-minute speeches. Occupy Wall Street where are you?
  • And yesterday she became a tad testy with Terry Gross on NPR when the issue of gay marriage was raised (by the way, NPR and PBS bring up gay marriage almost every 15 minutes. I periodically listen to the local PBS station for its foreign news and I can attest to that fact). Like Obama, Clinton said she "evolved" regarding gay marriage. Recall, it was in the Bill Clinton administration when the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) became law.
  • In March of last year (March 25, 2013) I wrote a piece entitled, "The Fairy Tale That Is Hillary Clinton." The progressive political class and their enablers in the media created this fairy tale even though her accomplishments---as a Senator and Secretary of State---are utterly unimpressive as well as conspicuous by their absence. So it will be interesting to see if the media will continue trying to cloak Clinton in bubble wrap. Right now, it appears some of the women in the media have popped some of that bubble wrap.
Postscript: Hillary Clinton announced she will be running for president. This follows shady issues regarding her finances, her foundation and her email account. And most recently, after initially denying there were no classified emails on her private server, it's now being reported there were.  Will the media continue to cloak her in bubble wrap?