Monday, June 16, 2014

Iraq: Even Roach Exterminators Know You Have To Spray Often To Control The Pests

We're not evacuating the embassy in Baghdad, we're just letting workers off to celebrate Al-Qaeda Is On The Run Day...Tweet, David Burge

  • As as snot-nosed, sniveling little brat growing up in the Bronx, my family had to deal with roaches (and even rats---the animal and human kind) on a daily basis. I recall my dad spraying that awful smelling pest control crap on a regular basis trying to just to manage the swarm of roaches infiltrating our apartment regularly. The problem arose when several days passed with no spraying. It didn't take long for those annoying little scourges on humanity to return. 
  • What's surprising is the reaction from the press and many in the political class when it comes to the emergence of ISIS in Iraq (some critics are actually reporting the Obama administration and the media were caught off guard). Dealing with terrorists, all forms of terrorism, is like trying to deal with roaches. When you don't spray for some time, these destructive creatures refill the void. Like roaches that can carry disease, terrorists do much of the same, and they can be just as deadly as we've seen for many decades now.
  • And what has been painfully clear now is that the Obama administration failed miserably to suppress this scourge on humanity. Over and over again in the last six years, the Obama administration---including its State Department---showed the world a national persona exposing weakness, failure and appeasement. 
  • During Obama's tenure as president, we've watched spectacular foreign policy failures in dealing with geo-political thugs in places like Syria, Egypt, Iran and even in the Ukraine. And contrary to what the Obama administration wanted us and the world to believe---proclaiming that al-Qaeda was on the run---we now know that was also a fabrication (largely for political reasons during his last campaign). One can even make the claim that the Obama administration failed every test of foreign policy. Hillary Clinton and now John F. Kerry have clearly reinforced this claim in recent years. As we all know, this administration opened the prison gates for five battle-hardened Taliban terrorists. And to add icing to this poorly baked cake, we now know the leader of ISIS, Abu al-Baghdadi, was released from U.S. detention in 2009.  Upon his release, he even told his captors, "I'll see you guys in New York." (Too bad someone just didn't blow his head off as he walked out of the prison---oh, well, just another lost opportunity).
  • So as I stated some time ago, what we're watching is typical progressive foreign policy: Good at nothing and bad at everything.