Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why We Should Be Thankful To The Obama Administration For...

Pres. Obama is brewing his own at the White House. Actually, the White House beer is a lot like the Obama administration---great buzz, weak finish...Leno

I know what many of my regular readers are thinking right now: You're kidding right? Actually, I'm not. In fact, I want to ask you to lend me your eyes for just a few minutes. I promise you'll understand why we should be thankful for the Obama administration.

We should be thankful to the Obama administration for...

  • Showing the nation just how incompetent progressives are when it comes to leading and managing anything. Not long ago, when I wrote about Hillary Clinton, I described her as the perfect progressive politician: Good at nothing; bad at everything.
  • Showing the nation how dangerous it is for a progressive administration to have any power at all. In the case of this one, we've seen the law used against American citizens often selectively and arbitrarily. The IRS scandal is evidence of this. In addition, even the Supreme Court found the administration violated the Constitution, e.g. recess appointments.
  • Showing the nation and the world how dangerous it is for an administration to lose all respect of its allies. Just as dangerous, showing our enemies how truly spineless and feeble the administration is in dealing with them. This is the direct consequence of "leading from behind" instead of being a leader of the free world. This inevitably leads of our allies and enemies disregarding our intentions as well as our threats.
  • Showing the nation just how good a president Ronald Reagan was---a president who was respected by his allies but feared by his enemies.
  • Showing the nation and the world that Jimmy Carter was a better president. 
  • Showing the nation and the world what happens to that nation when its leader appears disengaged from doing his job. The result of this "benign neglect" is that it leaves democracies in peril (to paraphrase Amir Taheri).
  • Showing the nation how a progressive ideology trumps the security and well-being of the country. The recent immigration debate and border crisis supports this observation.
  • Showing a nation that being a Caesar at home and a Chamberlain abroad (to borrow a phrase from Michael Goodwin of the NY Post) shows weakness and sends conflicting messages.
  • Showing a nation and the world just how dangerous it is for the leader of the free world to lack any ability to project optimism.
  • Showing a nation just how dangerous it is to make so many poor appointments to important positions. The office of the Secretary of State comes immediately to mind. Adding new meaning to the "blind leading the blind."
  • Showing the nation and the world that constant whining by a leader makes him/her appear weak. In the case of this administration, there's an appearance of appearing comatose especially in foreign policy.
  • Showing the nation that countless scandals cause wounds that will take many decades to heal.
  • Showing the nation that even a complicit and fawning media and press are unable to turn manure into a bouquet of roses.
  • Showing the nation that our Founding Fathers warned us about the current administration.
  • Show the nation how important it is to protect our freedoms and liberties.
  • And finally, showing a nation that lies are forever.