Monday, August 4, 2014

Progressivism: A Disease Unleashed Upon The Nation

The president met with young refugees who told him stories of violence/socialism & begged asylum, but he insisted they return to Chicago...WH Press Secretary Tweet

  • I opened up my copy of the New York Post (yes, still the hard copy), and one of my many predictions about progressives came true yet again.  In the past, I've written several pieces about New Yorkers voting in another bunch of progressive politicians last November including Mayor de Blasio and his executive staff. At the time, I cautioned New Yorkers that the city would be plunging into progressive hell.  I also warned about the infiltration of progressive fanatics and the potential harm they would cause the city. In addition, I advised all Americans to take notice.
  • As the New York Post reported last week, Al Sharpton has taken it upon himself to be the city's adviser, especially on issues having to do with the operation of the NYPD. But it's even more sinister than that. As the Post also reported, Mayor de Blasio gave Sharpton a platform on how the NYPD should be policing. This was subsequent to the death of an Eric Garner. According to reports, Garner had been resisting arrest and was allegedly placed into a fatal chokehod by an NYPD undercover officer. (By the way, NYPD Commish Bratton remained largely silent during Sharpton's public criticism of the NYPD).
  • Let's take a step back for a moment. This is the same Al Sharpton who masterminded the Tawana Brawley hoax in 1987. This is the same Al Sharpton who led marches over race riots in the early 1990's. During those riots, some Jews were beaten and one was murdered. He also inflamed the fires in the Duke Lacrosse hoax. And even today, as he gains favors with the progressive political elites and and the media (he continues to host a wretched show on MSNBC) , he and his non-profit have accumulated a total of $4.7 million in outstanding debt and liens. This according to federal and state tax records via the New York Post. In fact, Sharpton himself owes NY State approximately $800,000 and owes the feds $2.6 million in unpaid personal income taxes. In addition, his own communications company owes almost a half-mil to the state. And it does not end there. The Federal Elections Commission reports Sharpton still owes $208,000 for improperly taking campaign money during his 2004 presidential bid. (You gotta love the way progressives like Sharpton spout about income inequality and incomes redistribution when they just keep ripping off the American taxpayer).
  • Then another event took place that shows how the disease of progressivism metastasizes throughout the body politics and the culture. As reported above, an NYPD officer allegedly chocked a man allegedly resisting arrest. Here's the perverted twist. The man who captured the arrest of Garner on his cellphone got busted himself over the weekend for illegally carrying a handgun. Upon being busted, he told his wife to "Call Al Sharpton right away." Oh, before I forget. There's something you should know about this guy. He's been arrested 25 times in the past for robbery, weapon  possession and assault.
  • Keep in mind, the last time progressives ran NY City, murder rates exceeded 2000 per year. After they were thrown out of office, murder rates declined to about 400 per year in a city of 8 million people. You know the good citizens in cities like Chicago, Detroit and other progressive run cities looked upon New York City with envy. But that might be coming to and end considering the disease of progressivism has now been unleashed upon not only the nation but also NY City.
Postscript: This week (11/18/14), the NY Times is reporting Sharpton owes $4.5M in current state and tax liens. In addition, the paper is questioning his finances.