Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stop The World. I Want To Get Off As It Appears To Be Spinning Off Its Axis

Obama Informs Nation That Anarchy Will Reign During Search For New Attorney General...The Onion

With the current news developing about the shooting in Ottawa today, it certainly looks like the world appears to be spinning off its axis. Pres. In fact, Pres. Obama himself admitted the world appears to be spinning out of control. In just the last several months, we've seen the following:

  • The rise of ISIS including Westerners joining ISIS. Its seizing territory in Syria and Iraq.
  • Al-Qaeda and its associates spreading to more parts of the globe.
  • The Israel-Hamas crisis.
  • The Ukraine-Russian crisis.
  • China's use of military crackdowns.
  • Global Ebola outbreaks and associated hysteria, panic and fear (largely created by the media).
  • One scandal after another within our own government.
  • An administration grossly failing in foreign policy as it often exhibits failure, appeasement, withdrawal and defeat.
  • A serious deterioration of government competence that has severely damaged  confidence and trust in government.
  • Political correctness infiltrating every part of our culture and our institutions including our own military. The Fort Hood shooting was a classic example as well as this administration's posture toward global terrorism.
  • Two political parties who are unable to govern (this also extends to many local and state governments).
  • Climate change hysteria.
  • Illegal immigration and it's impact on our own national security
  • A main stream media that keeps steering the news away from the truth.
  • A progressive political class that relies on lies, deceit, hypocrisy, intolerance and bigotry. If it didn't, it would be in the trash heap of political history long ago.
  • An American economy that has left many corpses in its wake in the last 7 years.
  • Many parts of the globe still in a recession.
  • Vehicle manufacturers who can't seem to produce a vehicle without serious and sometimes even dangerous defects.
All of this and more is certainly not a new phenomena or a new challenge facing our nation. I'm certain Americans experienced the same feelings during the Civil War, WWII and even after 9/11.  But what appears to be lacking today is strong leadership from the president of the United States and Congress.  In addition, we have government leadership---or lack thereof--- that's unable to get a handle or control many of these events and crises. It's reason enough to understand why we need new leadership.