Monday, October 20, 2014

We Should Fear Government Incompetence & Dysfunction More Than Any Disease, Even Ebola

Effective managing of govt: Bush  38%-Obama 35%. And that's with the media on Obama's side...John Nolte Tweet

  • I've always maintained that fear of any disease is a good thing---contrary to what many in the media have been trying to tell us in the last several weeks. For example, let's examine the fear associated with Ebola. I can't tell you how many times I've heard pundits and others proclaim with warped reassurance: "We're only treating three patients with Ebola in the U.S." While that's true. It's also true that a single case of a contagious disease can result in an outbreak especially if the disease is new to the overall community or population.
  • Just this week, David Dausey, dean of the School of Health Professions and Public Health at Mercyhurst University reminded us, "Common-sense epidemiology is that you keep sick people away from well people." Dausey supports a temporary travel ban to and from countries affected by Ebola. Moreover, quarantines are not new. We've used them throughout history to help curb outbreaks of such diseases as yellow fever and cholera. 
  • So fear is a good thing. It keeps the community alert. It inspires a community to take action. It helps minimize damage.
  • It's also why we should fear government perhaps even more than we fear any disease. We should certainly fear a government and a political class that routinely shoves common sense aside for purely political reasons. We should fear them even more when they pursue political correctness over the health and welfare of an entire nation.
  • This administration---along with its enablers in the media---is no stranger to using these tactics, including outright lies for political gain. And yes, one might argue, that's the nature of politics. But when these tactics are used at every level of government, with every decision the government makes, the outcome is massive distrust of that institution. 
  • Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote recently regarding this very phenomena: "Credibility is like a reservoir or bank account. You make deposits in good times so you can make withdrawals when you need them...Obama never made the deposit...He blames others for failures, and when cornered or ambitious, reaches for a lie. Routinely."
  • So Ebola is now in the headlines {remember when it was the NFL problems just over a month ago? Good times!). But with God's grace and the medical community putting a stop to the spreading of the disease, we'll move on to some other national issue. Unfortunately, one disease will remain: government incompetence and dysfunction. And that's the one we should all fear---always.