Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yo! Stop Designating These Terrorist Attacks As "Lone Wolf" Attacks

Obama placed a call to the Canadian Prime Minister to offer advice regarding Canada's "workplace incident." I guess they got disconnected...WH Press Secretary

I'm convinced that if the attack that took place in Ottawa yesterday had taken place in Washington, D.C., the Obama administration would have designated it as a "workplace violence" incident. In fact, Pres. Obama himself referred to it as "senseless violence." He still doesn't get it. He adds new meaning to clueless.

As I wrote in a posting last month, the enemy is already within. Canada learned that lesson yesterday. Last month, Australia learned that lesson when they thwarted an ISIS beheading plot across Sydney. And Britain learned the lesson when two Islamic thugs beheaded a British soldier on the streets of London last year.

But even more disturbing is the continued designation by the media and the political class of most of these incidents as the work of "lone wolves." Let's get get off the political correctness high horse and call these incidents what they are: terrorist attacks by Islamist. A few examples should make this point clear:

  • Earlier this week, two Canadian soldiers were run over by yet another radical Islamist in Quebec. One soldier was killed. 
  • Nidal Hassan, the Ft. Hood Islamist shooter, was communicating with high-level Islamist prior to his taking out 13 innocent victims and injuring about 32.
  • Alton Nolan, the alleged beheader of Colleen Hufford in Oklahoma last month had a long history of sympathizing with terrorists. His Facebook page corroborated his allegiance.
  • In 2006, an Islamist fanatic drover his car into a crowd at the University of N. Carolina. A letter he left for police showed he did it as retaliation against our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. In that letter, he praised fellow Islamist in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine (his use of "Palestine" not mine).
  • Also in 2006, authorities foiled a terrorist attack at the Sears Tower in Chicago. The plotters were U.S. citizens but thought they were being funded by al-Qaeda (it was actually an FBI sting operation).
  • There were also the 2007 against Ft. Dix as well as the 2007 JFK plot. Other plots included attacks on NYC subway system. Of course, there was the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.
All of these Islamist plotters and more felt they were part of the warped "community" of global-radical Islamist. They should not be designated as "lone wolves." The only thing this designation does is romanticize a barbaric movement that is aimed at destroying Western civilization. We've seen this "romanticizing" of Islamic thugs with recent reports of young people trying to join ISIS overseas. In other words, by referring to these savages as "lone wolves," the misguided and naive fools among us feel they are joining something cool. 

So, yes, the enemy is already within. But let's not reinforce their barbarism by trying to make their vicious butchery of innocents sound cool.

Postscript: Since this was posted, other Islamist hit a Sydney coffee shop, Paris and Copenhagen. This proves, yet again, it's not about lone wolves. It's about terrorist wolf packs.