Monday, October 27, 2014

The Vampires In The Political Class & Media Keep Sucking The Life-Blood Out Of America

Bill Clinton says he feels like a retired race horse. Now you know where they get Crazy Glue... WH Press Secretary Tweet

Regular readers of this blog know I occasionally bring up my experiences with Eastern Europe when it was under Communism. I saw first hand how Communism just sucks the life-blood out of good people. Prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall, you could always notice the conspicuous depression on most of the the faces of many people walking on the streets. They would always appear to be in a hurry, not smiling and just looked bummed out most of the time. That's what big government does. It's incompatible with liberty, freedom and a future sense. It's depressing.

All of that changed when Eastern Europe managed to remove the jack boots of Communism from the necks. They were smiling again. They were happy. They knew their lives would finally have some meaning. They knew they and their children would finally have a future.

I'm not accusing our government of being Communist. They are still far from it. But progressive political ideology and Communism are first cousins. In America today---under this administration---we see how the political elites (including the media) don't believe in individual liberty. Their entire focus is on the "collective," the community. For progressives, their political ideology trumps the welfare, well-being and security of the nation. We've seen that play out most recently with the debate on Ebola, travel bans and quarantines. Common sense indicates that you don't contain a disease by spreading it around. Yet, this administration decided to import it into our country. We've seen it in the behavior of an elite class that refuses to be quarantined thereby threatening the health of the public. We've also observed this behavior in an administration that has long refused to acknowledge the depth and seriousness of Islamist terrorism.

And if you think I'm delusional, allow me to relate a recent news story. When Bill de Blasio was elected Mayor of NYC, I wrote several pieces warning New Yorkers of the misery to come. In the past, I listed some examples (feel free to archive those pieces on de Blasio and company). They haven't stopped with spreading the misery. But this time, it can pose a danger to the rest of America. NY City Council passed two bills last week that would ensure NY remains a sanctuary for illegal aliens. That's not a big story. Many cities have already decided to walk on this side of insanity. No, NYC government has taken a leap into sheer stupidity. They want to offer sanctuary to illegal aliens even if they are convicted of violent crimes, including members of gangs and those on terrorist watch list. That's right. You read it correctly. Moreover, the law adds obstacles for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The city won't honor any ICE detainee requests. And even when ICE agents get warrants, the city will ignore those warrants. This is an example of progressive politics gone bat-shit crazy. Yet, the outrage is conspicuous by its absence. In fact, I would venture to say this might be the first time you are reading this story. NY Post Today

The real danger is the progressive political class will take steps to even commit societal suicide. They'll even cross the line into lawlessness just to spread their warped ideology. One of the only problems with that type of governing is that they take the rest of us along for the ride. That's the transformation Obama promised. Unfortunately, many Americans didn't give any thought to what the consequences would be. We now know what they are.