Monday, November 17, 2014

Gruber: Exposing More Than Just The Lies And Deceit Of The Obama Administration, Democrats & The Media

Naming someone the "architect Of Obamacare" is like naming somebody the "architect of the rest stop bowl clog...David Burge Tweet

Obamacare's poll numbers are racing against Obama's to the bottom. Gallup's most recent numbers show Obamacare approval at 37%. Gruber's revelations will drive those numbers even lower.

The main purpose of this post is not to report what many Americans already know. It's purpose is to clearly show Americans were warned over and over again of the lies and deceit emanating from this administration and the Democrats in the last six or more years.  In order to reinforce that claim, I'm going to list some headlines of my articles that were posted on this blog in the last few years. Take a moment to read the following carefully (they will appear in no particular order):

  • Obamacare Critics Vindicated (posted shortly after Gruber's disclosures)
  • Obamacare Exposes The Deceit, Dishonesty And Lies Of The Obama Administration (over one year ago today)
  • Progressive Democrats Keep Spitting On The Constitution (7/12)
  • The Obama Legacy: Frightening (11/12)
  • The Obama Era: The Age Of Stupid (2/13)
  • How Obama Conned His Own Voters (5/13)
  • Obamacare Sticker Shock (6/13)
  • The Failure And Pain Of Progressive Policies (7/13)
  • Obamacare Casualty List Grows (9/13)
  • Obama Administration And Congress Keep Tripping Over Their Own Arrogance (3/13)
  • Depictions Of Betrayal: Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS, Depressed Economy And More (one year ago)
  • Logic, Reason, Data And Facts Show Obamacare Is A Deliberate Hoax (just over a year ago).
  • 2013: The Year Of The Big Lies
  • Obama And The Political Class Are Masters Of Double Talk As Well As Lies (Feb. of this year).
  • Obamacare Is Really A Mirage: It's There But It Really Isn't There (Last March)
  • The Progressive Political Class To Americans: You Are Stupid (Last March well before Gruber was caught running his mouth).
  • Obamacare Supporters: Delusionists Continuing To Believe In An Illusion (Last April)
  • The Media's Sins Of Omission (This past July)
  • The Progressive Political Class Keeps Flipping Americans The Bird (October of this year).
Was I prescient? No, not really. I was merely reporting on how many Americans felt about the sleaze pervading the D.C. beltway. More disturbing, this shows (as well as Gruber's epiphany) that this administration and the progressive political class (including most of the media) have been exploiting Americans. And like Gruber, even profiting  from the lies and deceit.

If there is any consolation to all of this, it's the outcome of the 2014 mid-terms. More Americans took a stand and rejected the warped progressive policies of the last six years. It's now in the hands of the Republicans to pick up the baton and protect the Republic.

PS: Don't be surprised at the media's neglecting to report on Gruber. When they look at him, it's like gazing into a mirror.