Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Americans Should Give Thanks To Gruber For Revealing The Con

The rumors are false. Gruber's great grandfather did not design the Titanic.  Only the hull...WH Press Secretary Tweet

  • In my last two posts, I pointed out several solid, undeniable facts: Gruber vindicated the Obamacare critics (like myself), and Obamacare exposed the lies and deceptions of the Obama administration, the progressive political class and the media.  Gruber went further. He did all Americans a "solid." He revealed the con and scam perpetuated by the Obama administration upon the American people.
  • But for many of those  critics, much of Gruber's comments and revelations were not a surprise. We had been warning voters for over six years now. 
  • For example, in May of 2013, I penned a piece entitled, "How Obama Conned His Own Voters" (keep in mind, when Gruber accused Americans of being stupid, he was actually referring to those voters as well as supporters of the administration not the critics). In that article, I listed all of the cons used by the administration from proclaiming more Americans were better off (when poverty rates reached historic levels) to the broken Obamacare promises. 
  • That piece was followed in January of 2014 by a posting entitled, "The Three Card Monty Administration." In short, I pointed out how the Obama administration and the progressives treated millions of Americans as suckers (some through their own fault).
  • As many are now stating, Gruber is the gift that keeps on giving. He's shown how the progressives turned deception into an art form. In one of his many videos where he was incapable of keeping his mouth shut, he admits to purposely mislabeling parts of Obamacare to hide the truth behind the law. This came shortly after his admission that the "lack of transparency is a huge political advantage" while blaming the stupidity of the American people. 
  • And there are many other videos where he admits deception. Having heard some of those, I couldn't help coming to this conclusion: The Obama administration, Democrats and the media knew this guy was flapping his gums about lying about Obamacare---yet they never bothered to duct tape his mouth, to rein him in. In other words, they approved of his false statements. One conspicuous proof of this was in Pres. Obama's own words. While he tried to distance himself from Gruber this week stating he was just an "adviser," another video popped up showing Obama praising Gruber and actually saying he'd {Obama} stole ideas from him "liberally."
  • Perhaps the Chicago Tribune summarized it best: "Arrogance Plus Deception Equals Obamacare Ask Gruber."