Friday, November 21, 2014

On Immigration, Obama's Shameful Insult To All Americans

If he's {Obama} gonna pretend to make the law, we should pretend to obey it...David Burge Tweet

  • I'm going to ask my regular readers for their indulgence for a moment. I've used the following story on several occasions.
  • At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a woman asked Ben Franklin, "Well,  Dr. Franklin, what have we got a Republic or a Monarchy" Franklin replied without hesitation, "A Republic if you can keep it."
  • Today many Americans are asking the same question of the government considering the shameful and dishonorable actions of the nation's chief executive, Pres. Obama. Last night, he acted on his own authority by by-passing Congress on immigration. And we know it's not the first time he's engaged in this type of lawless action.
  • Even just as disturbing is the reaction of many Americans. In short, their praising the fact the president of the U.S. shoved the Constitution aside yet again. But, in addition to most Americans who do not support what he did last night (as evidenced by most polls), there are at least four other communities that he insulted. 
  • The first includes those immigrants who have been on the legal and righteous path to citizenship. They've just been informed that at least 5 million illegals will be jumping ahead of them in the path. These are people who have spent several years and a lot of money to become legal citizens.
  • The second group includes African-Americans. Last night's announcement does absolutely nothing to help the millions who are still out of work. In fact, it will now make it much harder for them to find employment. 
  • The third group includes Hispanics themselves. Many of them are doing it legally. Many are now at the end of the line. And I might add, to those illegal Hispanic immigrants, the Obama and the progressive class cares nothing about you. You are only a vote to them---nothing more; nothing less.
  • And finally, many of our veterans---especially those homeless---are witnessing illegal immigrants getting more attention to their plight than the plight of those veterans.
  • It's also painfully obvious that even Pres. Obama does not believe a word he said. For years, he advocated against the very actions he proposed last night. 
  • It's now in the hands of the Republicans. They need to take the initiative to advance "a sensible, pro-growth, pro-immigration policy on their own," as referenced in the editorial of the NY Post today. There is of course their past history of fecklessness. They talk a good game but keep tripping over their own rhetoric. Only time will tell what they plan on doing.
  • And all Americans need to heed the warning of Dr. Benjamin Franklin.