Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Pakistan School Massacre By The Taliban Illustrates Torture Is Too Good For These Inhuman, Homicidal Savages

That Bo Bergdahl/Taliban prisoner swap sure is working out swell...David Burge Tweet

A lot has been written and debated about regarding the alleged torture {enhanced interrogation techniques} used by the CIA on Islamist prisoners in the last two weeks. And we've been lectured by many that our country's moral standards should trump any use of these enhanced interrogation techniques. And while any reasonable person would agree that torture is unjustified for the usual prisoners of war, I contend our enemies today are not "usual" prisoners. They're nothing but savages and torture is too good for them. It's time for some perspective. The following are just a few examples of Islam's contribution to peace.

Torture is too good for these savages...
  • By now, many know about the Taliban massacring of at least 126 people---most of them children. It's also been reported that a teacher was set on fire and made the children watch.
  • In September of 2004, Islamist seized a school in Besian, a town in the Russian Federation. They held over 1000 people hostage. After the three day siege ended, 385 hostages were killed including 186 children.
  • Last November, a Christian couple were burned alive by a mob in Pakistan. NBC News
  • Last August, Boko Haram decapitated a Christian boy. Boko Haram has been responsible for slaughtering over 10,00o Christians and locals in the last several years including kidnapping hundreds of young girls and selling them as slaves. Christian Today/NBC News
  • This week, ISIS released a video of them beheading 13 victims in Iraq. The Religion of Peace
  • Last week, a Palestinian threw acid onto an Israeli family including their children. IDF
  • This past weekend, ISIS tortured Christians in their own churches.
  • ISIS proclaiming it's okay to rape children as young as nine years of age. They sell children for about $200 a child. They actually have a price list for female slaves. Women ages 40-50 are sold for $43.00. Girls age ranges from 10-20 years of age are sold for $125.00. IN News
  • Last week, ISIS was trying to sell the body of James Foley for $1 million. BuzzFeed
  • Al-Qaeda commander denounced the use of decapitation by ISIS. they urged ISIS to use bullets instead. NY Times
  • In the Islamic world, gays are routinely tortured, lashed, stoned and hanged. Religion of Peace   
  • Since 9/11/2001, Islamist have carried out almost 25,000 attacks world-wide. This past November alone, there were 284 attacks that resulted in the death of 2500 people in 23 different countries. The Religion of Peace
Again, this is just a small sampling of the actions taken daily by the enemy we face.  So when you hear the moralistic grandstanding coming out Washington D.C. and our media, it's imperative to know that torture is too good for these savages. These are not people. They are blood-thirsty, crazed, ultra-violent, inhuman, homicidal maniacs. They need to be defeated. They need to be put down.

Note: The website Religion of Peace keeps running tabs on the slaughter conducted by these barbarians.