Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Progressive Political Class Gives The Green Light To Mob Bullies

College: An oasis of totalitarianism in a desert of freedom...David Burge Tweet

  • It's now clear that the progressive political class has given the green light to mob bullies. And it actually shows that the Occupy movement that started in 2011 learned a few lessons.
  • The first lesson they learned was from watching the behavior of the progressive political class in the last six years. They watched how the elite used the wars against Wall Street, against women, against conservatives, against faith and others with effectiveness. Of course, they had assistance from their enablers in the progressive media. But they learned that bully tactics can work. There was really no one to stop them. Like most conservatives, they understood the Republicans were spineless. So they were no threat to OWS movement.
  • They also studied the bully tactics of the Obama administration. Whether it was using the IRS against conservative groups and religious organizations or pushing through the Obamacare lies (as now reinforced by Gruber himself). The watched how the Obama administration and many Democrats were even able to skirt The Constitution as evidenced by the president's executive orders on immigration or the bullying of some in the nation's press (that story was broken by the AP, Fox News and Bob Woodward himself).
  • From the progressive political class, they also learned that scare tactics can be effective. Who can forget Slo Joe Biden's remarks in the last campaign. He said to a group about Romney:  "They're going to put y'all back in chains."
  • But, throughout all of this, they learned an even more important lesson. They learned the one group that stood in their way was the police. So it should surprise no one why the progressives are waging a war against the police such as proclaiming all cops to be racist. As I wrote in my previous posts, most of the charges they are filing against law enforcement are bogus. They don't stand up to the facts. But the truth and facts have never stood in the way of progressives. In fact, the progressive movement relies on deceit and lies. They are so good at it; they even lie about lying. 
  • So as you watch the reports of these punks and mobs ransacking and running through private businesses, damaging private property and disrupting the holidays for many Americans, know their "holier-than-thou self-indulgence" is phony. Whether it's "moralistic grandstanding" in Congress by the likes of  Feinstein or that nutty-little man, Harry Reid, or the nitwits wearing "I Can't Breathe" T-shirts, their aim is to disrupt civil society. By removing law enforcement from the equation, the anarchists learned there is no stopping them now. 
  • Having said all of this, there is a lesson they haven't learned. Most Americans will only put up with this nonsense so long. As our history clearly illustrates: Don't tread on us. We stand up to bullies.