Tuesday, January 20, 2015

SOTU2015: What You Won't Hear

Watching the State of the Union address will be taxing on many levels...WH Press Secretary

At the 2014 State of the Union Pres. Obama told Congress they were irrelevant, and they stood up and cheered. This Address will be a tad different in terms of the audience since Republicans now hold both Houses. Nevertheless, while Obama will tout his "accomplishments"---as all presidents do---the following you won't hear tonight:

  • The continued shrinking of the middle class. Last April, even The NY Times reported the American middle class is no longer the richest. In fact, CNN reported last December that under this administration the wealth gap between the middle class and the rich is the widest ever. Keep that in mind when you hear anything mentioned about "income inequality."
  • A record number of Americans are out of the work force---now at over 92 million. That's for a population of 320 million. The actual number of unemployed Americans now stands at 17.2 million. Black unemployment as of December of 2014 stood at 12%. Doesn't leave too many Americans working no matter what you might hear tonight.
  • The scam that is known as "redistribution of wealth."
  • The poverty rate was the highest in 50 years last year.
  • The U.S. national debt is now over $18T. When Obama took over, the national debt stood at approximately $6.3T. At the rate Obama is running up the debt, he will accumulate more debt than all previous presidents combined.
  • The mulitiple foreign policy failures especially in combating terrorism (ISIS, Boko Haram and al-Qaeda). Remember, we were told we had them "on the run." And this administration actually believed hashtag diplomacy would work in the war on terror.
  • Christians being slaughtered throughout the Islamist world.
  • America's loss of prestige throughout the word. Obama skipping Paris two weeks ago didn't help relieve that impression.
  • Worsening race relations. Recent polling reports that by a margin of 3-1, Americans say race relations have deteriorated under Obama.
  • Obamacare was based on lies as Jonathan Gruber admitted late last year.
  • Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, VA scandals and more.
  • The release of Gitmo prisoners who are now on the battlefield again.
  • The rise in student debt---now $25 grand per student (hence the plans for free community college tuition that will be paid for by---us.).
  • Opening our borders even if it might kill Americans (e.g., gateway for terrorists).
  • The enemy is already within.  Just this week, the NYPD reported it foiled at least 8 terror plots since 2008.
  • Inviting a race-baiting thug and fraud like Al Sharpton to the WH at least 60 times or more.
  • Andrew Tamoorisi and Bergdahl. Who?
  • Turning his back on Israel.
  • The attack on free speech by progressives especially on our college campuses.
  • When the Obama administration bumps into The Constitution, it just shoves it aside.
  • 2014 was yet another Year of the Big Lie as many and perhaps more as all the previous 6 years.
The fact is Obama will never admit he only has three weapons in his arsenal: identity politics, intolerance and lies.

Sidebar: For those looking for real entertainment,  "Justified" starts at 10 p.m. on FX  tonight. Just sayin'.