Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The 2015 State Of The Union's Big Lie: "The Shadow Of Crisis Has Passed..."

There's no problem he {Obama} can't solve by throwing your money at it...WH Press Secretary on SOTU address

Yesterday I wrote a piece on what we would not hear at the State of the Union address.  In short, I was right on almost all counts {feel free to reference it}. In fact, it also didn't take long for Pres. Obama to utter his first lie of many last night. Namely, he actually said: "The shadow of crisis has passed." {By the way, if you were playing the drinking game, you should have been plastered by 9:30 p.m. last night).

Putting the many other lies aside {as evidenced by several fact-checks today}, let's let's take a moment to examine that passing shadow.

  • Obama claimed credit for taking on ISIS even though it has doubled its control of land in the past year. But let's give him credit where it's due. He didn't say they are "on the run" as he claimed about al-Qaeda during his 2012 campaign. Even the Pentagon reported hat air strikes against ISIS will not be enough. The top UK general added that eventually we will need a land army. That's code for boots on the ground.
  • Yemen, the country he touted as a success story in his last SOTU, is now in a full-scale meltdown. Yesterday rebels took over its presidential palace. Yemen is also a training ground for Islamist. In fact, the Paris attackers lived with other Islamist in Yemen.
  • In the last year, Iran and Hezbollah appear to have joined forces. Their goal? Many believe to attack Israel.
  • And while Pres. Obama declared the end of combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the fact is we have thousands of troops in Iraq at this very moment. And as even the Left of Center Politico reported today, there are still bullets flying in Afghanistan. And keep in mind, Putin still controls Crimea.
  • As I and many others reported yesterday, it's been under Obama's tenure that the middle class has lost a large portion of its wealth. The middle class has virtually almost disappeared in the last six years. Not only has middle class family income dropped by 4% but the number of Americans still out of the workforce is staggering at over 90 million. Moreover, job growth has taken place but largely in low paying and part-time jobs. In addition, the current $18T debt does not help middle class, a debt that's doubled in amount since he's been in office. Any surprise the poverty rate is at record highs?--an issue he did not address as predicted here yesterday.
  • Pres. Obama conveniently took credit for the gains in energy like cheaper oil prices. But he failed to point out energy is cheaper largely due to fracking and the current cheap oil coming out of Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, he's still opposed to the Keystone Pipeline claiming he would veto it. (If the Republicans are sincere about their intentions to take more actions on issues like Keystone and immigration, Obama will be going through a lot of veto pens).
  • The president's intention of making tuition free for community college hasn't survived any scrutiny. Even those ignorant of economics knows the burden will fall on taxpayers.
Of course, I can go on to expose other lies and promises within this address. In fact, HotAir uncovered over 112 unfulfilled promises made by Obama in all of his previous State of the Union addresses. This particular address showed clearly how detached from reality Obama really is.  John Podhoretz wrote today: "For not a single bright and shiny plan he proposed last night will ever be converted into legislation that will cross his desk."

You can't "turn the page" Mr. President when you fail to tell the American people the truth.