Thursday, January 22, 2015

Country Obsesses About Patriots' Deflated Balls---About The Nation's? Not So Much

Tom Brady: "Joe Montana sucks and I'm better than him." The Onion Sports

Well, even I couldn't avoid the controversy regarding the deflated footballs used by the Patriots last week. As a Steelers fan, I'll leave the reconciliation of this controversy to the NFL and the knuckleheads in the sports media.

The more important issue for me and millions of other Americans is the deflation of the nation's balls under this administration. Yesterday, I posted a piece following the State of the Union  {The 2015 State Of The Union's Big Lie: "The Shadow Of Crisis Has Passed}. In that piece, I pointed out how Pres. Obama appears conspicuously detached from reality especially when it comes to dealing with Islamist terrorism. For God's sake, he seldom uses any terms to define this threat.

Consider this:
  • The very day he gave barely mentioned Islamist terrorism, ISIS threatened to behead two Japanese hostages within 72 hours.
  • ISIS continues to seize large pockets of territory. For example, Security Data reports that ISIS now fully controls about 30 geographic areas in Iraq. In fact, earlier this month, even the NY Times reported that ISIS controls territory greater than the size of many countries. Last October, The Daily Mail {UK} reported ISIS was operating inside of Turkey. And last week, The Seattle Times reported ISIS was already operating in Afghanistan.
  • As the Obama administration embarked on a hashtag war with Boko Haram last year, the barbaric thugs continue to impose a reign of terror throughout Nigeria. Their ultimate goal is to overthrow the government and create an Islamist state. They've even carried out cross-border raids into Cameroon.
  • Last summer, the Department of Homeland Security acknowledged that, although it has no evidence of a direct threat by ISIS against the U.S., it was aware of communications between ISIS and its affiliates about crossing our southern border. This was in response to some 100 U.S. citizens who traveled to the Middle East to train with ISIS. According to the FBI, approximately 40 have returned and are under surveillance. Keep in mind, that report was last year. It was also about this time that the Obama administration admitted it had no strategy in dealing with ISIS.
  • In the last two years alone, we've witnessed the Obama administration's hype-incompetence in dealing with Syria {the infamous disappearing "red line"), Egypt, Iran, N.Korea, Russia and other despots inhabiting the globe. 
  • Al-Qaeda's reach has extended under this administration. Their areas of strength remain in Afghanistan, the Arabian peninsula, Somalia and Syria. And the Wall Street Journal reported that Yemen could become another Afghanistan. Just last year, Obama proclaimed Yemen a success story.
  • It's become increasingly clear that even perceived geopolitical weakness and appeasement on the part of the United States invites thugs to rattle their sabers and murder more innocent civilians---including children. Even the left-leaning Economist wrote last year: "Unless America behaves as a leader and a guarantor of world order, it will be inviting regional powers to test their strength." 
  • Unfortunately, until the Obama administration inflates a set, we'll keep watching the madness play out every day.