Monday, February 9, 2015

Obama Administration Chooses Appeasement While Others Choose Courage

Pres. Obama will finally take action against religious extremism. He's declared war against 1,000 year old Christians...WH Press Secretary Tweet @ we know what's best.

  • Last week, I wrote a piece about Pres. Obama's appearance at the Annual National Prayer Breakfast {"At National Prayer Breakfast, Obama Diverts Attention From Homicidal Maniacs To Insulting Christians"}. Of course, I wasn't the only one who took the president to task for his absurd attempt at moral equivalence. It was a trending topic for several days.
  • It was not only trending for its foolishness, but it came on the heels of the burning to death of the Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh  by ISIS Islamist psychopaths. Even more importantly, after the murder of the pilot, much of the Western world and even Muslim nations appeared to be coalescing against Islamist terror. For example, Jordan flew several dozen airstrikes over a three to four day period against ISIS including their barracks, training centers and munitions depots. In fact, I asked myself why weren't we doing more of this. King Abdullah of Jordan was quoted as saying that was just the beginning of retaliation. He said he'll take it to ISIS until he runs of "fuel and bullets."
  • I also couldn't help but thinking this is precisely that kind of language and action many Americans and our own allies would like to see coming out of the White House. Unfortunately, that's not happened. It's even worse than that. As Peggy Noonan pointed out: "He {Obama} is lost. His policy is listlessness punctuated by occasional booms." To make matters worse, Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame) told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that the Obama administration still has no strategy in dealing with ISIS. In addition, he said the military is tired of Susan Rice micromanaging military responses. And within the last several weeks, three retired generals {James Mattis, former head of U.S. Central Command, Jack Keane, former Army vice chief of staff and Michael Flynn, retired director of the Defense Intelligence Agency}, all said Obama's foreign policy is a total mess.
  • Those two points alone should scare the living crap out of every American. And keep in mind this lack of strategy comes at a time period Americans are being killed and the administration wants to keep releasing hardened Jihadist from Gitmo---30% of whom return to the battlefield.
  • Just as disturbing, at a time when the Israelis appear to be the only realists when it comes to dealing with Iran's potential nuclear missile development, Obama treats Israel with conspicuous disdain.
  • So stepping back to Noonan's piece, she points out that this is the time to "...move to kill the Islamic state's mystique. Give them a fight, make them the weak horse, and do everything to bring together the Sunni Arab world to do it...The U.S. would have to lead, push, press, promise and cajole. It would have to use diplomatic and financial muscle..." Unfortunately we have a president who prefers to take on Christians who've been dead for almost 1,000 years.