Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ferguson Illustrates How Perpetuating A Myth Is Dangerous As It Exploits Rage + Creates Misery

Van Jones once compared cops to SS Officers in convo with me. Media, WH have reinforced that idea. Is it any wonder cops get shot...Ben Shapiro (Van Jones was the former Green Czar in the Obama administration, 9/11 Truther and supporter of Mumia among other lunatic fringe activities and beliefs).

  • As many of you already know, two police officers in Ferguson, MO, were ambushed and shot last night. Thankfully both do not appear to have life threatening wounds. 
  • One clear outcome has emerged in that shooting. It illustrates clearly what many of us have been warning about: perpetuating a myth---"Hands Up, Don't Shoot!"---is not only absurd considering the outcome of several investigations but it is dangerous and can lead to violence.
  • Last week, Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson, was cleared of all charges by the United States Justice Department in the shooting of Michael Brown this past August. Wilson was also cleared by a Missouri grand jury last November.
  • But even with all of the facts bearing out Wilson's narrative on the night of that shooting, many in the media, misguided activists and punks continued to perpetuate a false narrative. In my December 2014 piece {"Ferguson Illustrates How The Progressive Political Class Perpetuates False Narratives"}, I warned about the potential dangers of making such false claims. In fact, in my posting yesterday {"The Toxic Ideology of Modern Progressives..."}, I laid out---convincingly I believe---how the likes of Al Sharpton and other con artists leave violence, and sometimes, death in their wake. Now we can add the shooting of two police officers to his and others shameful, contemptible and vile record. 
  • We've been witness to misguided fools who could care less about the facts, truth and even the lives of police officers. To many of these punks, all of this is irrelevant. They knowingly dismiss those facts to promote an agenda based on lies and deceit. And what better way of doing that than by burning an entire town down and ambushing police officers. And if anyone believes I'm out of line, it was just this past December when two NYC police officers were ambushed and murdered. Their assailant made references to the Michael Brown shooting. 
  • Unfortunately, for the good people of Ferguson, the kangaroos appear to remain in charge. So spare me the victimology nonsense. Stop promoting false narratives (that includes the nitwits in Hollywood, in sports and in the media too).  Until that's done, Ferguson will just be one of many towns in America where thugs like Al Sharpton and his ilk will continue to exploit rage among the stupids and punks. They will just collect their checks and move on to profit from more misery---misery they've created.