Monday, March 16, 2015

Cradling Our Enemies While Tormenting Americans + Antagonizing Our Allies

If Iran eventually goes for the bomb, don't worry, Pres. Obama will draw another red line...WH Press Secretary (Satire)

By now, most observers agree that the Obama foreign policy is in tatters. Ironically some of the criticism of this administration was highlighted by Netanyahu's speech two weeks ago to Congress. Following that speech, there were whispers and shouts in the the homes of many Americans and the hallways of Congress yearning for Obama to speak with such force and fearlessness against our enemies. Instead we witnessed a president "embracing enemies and slapping friends," as Benny Avni expressed in the NY Post earlier this week.

The question many Americans should also be asking themselves is this: Why does this administration and the progressive political class continue to bully Americans and its allies but cradle its enemies?  Let's take a moment to count the ways:
  • Immigration initiatives---such as amnesty for illegal immigration---which, by their very nature, hurt legal immigrants. In fact, under Obama's executive action, illegal immigrants can now get Social Security Numbers. The rationale is to get them out of the "shadows." I've always stated that reasoning is based on a myth. Illegal immigrants openly walk on most American streets.
  • But it doesn't end there, illegal immigrants will now be able to get 3 years of tax refunds even if they never paid any taxes. They would simply claim the Earned Income Tax Credits.
  • Mr. Obama was the first president to openly criticize the Supreme Court in a State of the Union address.
  • It was the president of the U.S. who said: "There have been times where American has shown arrogance and been dismissive even derisive." He said that speaking in France.
  • While the Obama administration drew red lines across American prestige, strength, influence and even its national security, it conveniently erased the red lines against our enemies. This was done initially against Syria. The outcome was the rise of ISIS. And although Russia might not be considered the enemy it was during the Cold War, erasing the red line against Putin's aggression is what we're watching play out now in the Ukraine---after he took Crimea. The red "reset" button used by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Russia is now one more item in the garbage heap of this administration's foreign policy failures. And all those red lines have been replaced with red lines soaked in blood.
  • Egypt, a U.S. ally for the last four decades, recently turned to Russia and France to purchase military jet aircraft. 
  • Iran is gaining more influence in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria and arming Hamas and Hezbollah. And of course there is ISIS whose tentacles grow by the day.
  • Initially referring to ISIS as a "JV" team after admitting there was no strategy developed to counter their surge and ascent.
  • Al Qaeda is not "on the run" as the administration wanted us to believe. They and their affiliates are now in Algeria, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Mali, Nigeria, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia and growing in Pakistan (the al-Qaeda core).
  • Refusing to identify our enemies (unless, of course, they happened to be Christians who have been dead for over 700 years). As Michael Goodwin wrote recently: "The rot of denial runs deep and starts at the top."
  • The continued hostility toward Israel.
  • The Clintons, royalty of the progressive political class, keep flipping Americans the bird. Hillary who actually believed she should keep government work a secret from the government for whom she worked but also keep it a secret from the American people.
  • A progressive political class---along with its enabling nitwits---who try to convince us that facts are irrelevant. Most recently, we watched as this deceit was played out in Ferguson. One disturbing and frightening outcome of this type of dishonesty is the misery---and sometimes even the injury and death---of innocents as we witnessed with the two NYPD officers who were ambushed in NYC last December including two Ferguson officers who were shot. (The thug who ambushed the NYPD police officers referenced Ferguson).
  • And the enablers in the progressive main stream media don't get a pass either. It's their sins of omission  that often leads to the suppression and misrepresentation of the truth.
  • In the last seven years, we've witnessed the progressive political class bash conservative women, sicking the IRS upon conservative groups, the conservative media, people of faith, law enforcement and even our military---most recently at the memory of Chris Kyle.
So instead of an American administration inspiring the nation, as well as its allies, with strength, fearlessness and conviction (as Ronald Reagan did so well), it chooses the path of tormenting its own and behaving as a reluctant warrior in the face of vicious and barbaric enemies (hence the political cartoon above). Any wonder then why so many view the Obama administration as unreliable and weak?

Postscript: And then there's Iran. As usual, Iran is now making a fool of Obama's foreign policy---again.