Tuesday, March 17, 2015

From Sports To Public Education To The Media To Politics: The Progressives Reinforce Misfits + Lawlessness

Joe Biden is the perfect choice to negotiate with ISIS. Mainly because the enemy knows they'd be no point in beheading him...WH Press Secretary

  • As I was pondering about what to write today, it was reported the Philadelphia Eagles gave Tim Tebow a look this week. While that's not the big news in the sports world, it appears Tebow's faith still riles many on the left. The hypocrisy is stunning considering this is the same league that's tolerated all types of bad behavior from ball players kicking the crap out of their girlfriends to a player who tortured and killed dogs. 
  • In education, we witness the elites always demanding more school funding into schools that keep failing. For example, Families For Excellent Schools reported that 90% of students in 500 public schools in NYS  fail in math and reading.  On the other hand, the state's inner-city Catholic schools have 95% of their students go on to college (67% of Catholic school students are classified as coming from poor households, many are not even Catholic). But the insanity doesn't stop there. 
  • Throughout the nation's public schools, new progressive practices have taken hold in the form of what is called "restorative justice." In short, instead of traditional school discipline practices (e.g. expulsion for serious offenses), the trend now is to respond "positively" to misbehavior and conflict.  There's only one problem. Students don't receive consequences for their misbehavior under restorative justice. For example, last month, the teacher's union in Chicago complained the new practices leave teachers with few avenues to control disorderly and rowdy students. In the Syracuse school system, teachers have been complaining student behavior has deteriorated under the new policies. In fact, in many school districts where restorative practices have been implemented, teachers and unions have complained of a significant rise in student defiance toward teachers. Paul Sperry of the Hoover Institute recently referenced a teacher from Oakland, CA schools who said: "RJ (restorative justice) can encourage misbehavior by lavishing attention on students for committing infractions." In other words, anyone that knows anything about reinforcement knows well that negative behaviors can always be reinforced. That's what restorative justice invites. NYC says "suspending students is racist, so it will keep disruptive, even violent kids in class---and ruin learning for everyone," noted Sperry.
  • And the progressive onslaught in the public system is only specific to students. Many poor performing teachers and administrators remain on the job or are also reinforced. For example, a principal in NYC was charged with fraud and misconduct LAST YEAR yet remains on the public school payroll. Another principal is keeping her job despite four years of failure. These are but two examples. NY Post
  • The rot is not only pervasive in sports and in our school systems, it's infected many other parts of our culture and institutions. If you recall, it was largely the progressive politicians and media who showed support for the Occupy Wall Street misfits even after there were reports of  countless criminal acts including rapes, thefts, assaults, lewd public behavior and vandalism.
  • In the last seven years, we've also observed how the first impulse of the progressive political class and their enablers in the media was to lie. ObamaCare is just one example of many.
  • In recent months, we've also watched progressives fanning the flames of police hate in places like Ferguson and New York City. Unfortunately, reinforcing myths have led to police officers being shot and several killed. Even after the two NYPD police officers were ambushed and murdered, protesters shouted: "What do we want? Dead cops." It wasn't just a handful of thugs who made those disturbing and disgraceful statements. Just as troublesome, the progressive media has been openly supportive of the protesters as evidenced by a group of CNN reporters actually performing the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" gesture on their show. Again, reinforcing a myth.
  • And what does it say about an administration that invites Al Sharpton to the WH on dozens of occasions? In other words, those invitations just keep reinforcing the behavior of a race-baiting, tax-evading thug.
  • But even that should not surprise anyone considering it's this administration that's cosying up to Iran---a state that's sponsored terrorism across the globe for decades---while it's State Department is currently funding a group in Israel to dump PM Netanyahu (the election is today. The U.S. Senate is investigating this charge). Regardless, it's been clear that the Obama administration has been openly hostile to Israel.
  • What else is left to say about a political class that values and reinforces disorder and irresponsibility but disdains propriety and the rule of law?