Monday, May 11, 2015

Black Lives Matter---Oh Really? Not To The Progressive Political Class

Obama WH Reps at funerals:

Criminal with 18 arrests: 3
Convenience store robber: 3
NY cop with 4 medals: 0...Razor Tweet

With all of this rhetoric about #BlackLivesMatter (in hashtag tweets), I'm often taken aback by the response to black cops who are shot and killed. In the last 2 months, four black law enforcement officers have been murdered.  Yet, there have been no marches for those black officers who died in the line duty (with the exception of thousands of police officers at their funerals). Where are you Al Sharpton, the nation's leading race-baiting thug? It appears black lives matter unless they also happen to be blue.

It's not only specific to black law enforcement. No. The exploitation by the progressive political class also extends to most blacks. Perhaps one of the most egregious of that can be found in the media presstitute class. Yesterday, the Washington Post had a piece entitled, "Blacks Die Sooner Than Whites. How Many Votes Has This Caused Democrats?" That's an actual headline, one more suited for The Onion. In this piece, the author (a nitwit by the name of Dean Robinson) actually posed this question: "But what are the political consequences of excess mortality among blacks?" I don't about you. But I know I've never heard any conservative pose such an absurd, politically insensitive question.

But this is where this nitwit's opinion piece falls apart. According to the CDC, the leading cause of death of young black males between the ages of 15-34 is homicide. Accidents account for the second leading cause of death followed by suicide. In fact, 40% of African-American males who died were murdered.

The carnage doesn't end there. Of the babies aborted each year, approximately 37% are black. (Howard University). Just as disturbing, the share of black children born out of wedlock in the black community is now approximately 70% and higher in some communities. Coincidentally, 70% of all poor families with children happen to be single-parent families. (Brookings). As I wrote in a piece entitled, "The Redistribution Scam Only Subsidized Poverty," I pointed out how progressive policies have done more harm than good for the black community since the start of the War on Poverty, a war poverty won. Or to borrow a headline from The Onion: "Eight Million Americans Rescued From Poverty With Redefinition Of The Term."

So when you hear progressives talk about economic inequality among minorities and the poor, especially in the black community, it's not only about economic inequality---it's actually more about self-destruction and self-delusion.

Postscript: Since I wrote this piece a few weeks ago, 35 individuals have been murdered in May in Baltimore. None shot by police. And Al Sharpton is nowhere in sight. Today, Rich Lowry wrote in his piece: "For progressives, only some black lives matter." He's right. Yo Rich, have you been reading my posts?