Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Progressive Vice Keeps Trying To Squeeze Common Sense, Truth, Liberty & Our National Identity Out Of American Life

Michelle {Obama} just complained, "Whites still cross to the other side of the street." She forgot to mention due to the motorcade & Secret Service."...WH Press Secretary

On occasion, I've said one of the best reasons for police officers to wear body cams is so everyone can catch a glimpse of the many assholes they have to deal with on a daily basis.

That got me to thinking how the progressive political class has been successful in trying to squeeze all the common sense, truth, liberty and even our national identify out of our American way of life.

Let's count some of the ways in just recent years:

  • Making government sponsored health care mandatory.
  • Bashing the rich by the rich progressive political class. For example,  Hillary Clinton continues to proclaim how economic inequality is a major problem in speeches when she charges $300K a pop for those same speeches. She makes more money in 90 minutes than most CEO's make in a year or the poor make in a decade of hard work. NY City's Marxist sympathizing mayor does the same on a regular basis as his son enters Yale University with the privilege of paying over $60K a year in tuition. His son also attended an elite private high school. Examples of this type of conspicuous hypocrisy by progressives are countless. In addition, according to the progressives, Clinton remains a viable presidential candidate even after she deleted important emails on her "private" server and numerous ethical and legal questions arising from the administration of the Clinton Foundation.
  • As many know by now, last night an Amtrak train derailed in Philadelphia. It didn't take long for progressive politicians to announce the need for more spending on infrastructure. Yet no one in the main stream media is bothering to ask those same politicians: What the hell did you do with the almost trillion dollars of stimulus funds a large portion of which were suppose to be used for infrastructure? How many times were we accosted with the empty phrase: The funds will be used for "shovel ready" jobs? On top of this, there are nitwits like Morning Joe and Ed Rendell who immediately blamed infrastructure for the accident less than 12 hours after the derailment. As most reasonable observers know, we won't know the cause of that train wreck for days, perhaps weeks.
  • How often have we witnessed the progressive political class making excuses for terrorists, punks and thugs? After the shootings in Garland, Texas, they blamed the victims for shooting---not the terrorists. We saw the same response in Baltimore even after punks and thugs injured several dozen police officers, burned down two dozen buildings (including a senior citizen center) and looted dozens of businesses. The lack of common sense raised its ugly head when the Mayor of Baltimore said they should give "space" to those who wished to destroy property. 
  • As some of the nation and the Middle East were spiraling out of control, the progressives were targeting bakeries and pizza parlors for their conscience stand against same-sex marriage.  
  • An Israel and Netanyahu continually face a nuclear threat from Iran, the progressives in the media and in the WH tried to make Netanyahu into the bad cop. Their strategy worked so well that he won his election in a landslide.
  • Their ideology is so toxic and warped, they actually consider a race-baiting thug like Al Sharpton a spokesperson for black American. In fact, all one has to do is look at what they leave in their wake in cities like Baltimore (50 shootings or more since the rioting), Detroit, Cleveland, Newark and Camden and dozens of other cities run by progressives in the last 5 decades or more. And NYC appears to be plunging into progressive hell too since de Blasio was elected mayor.
  • Progressives also happen to be a political class that continues to embrace tyrants and dictators. The recent outreach to Castro is just one example of many. Progressive NY State Gov. Cuomo praised Castro's brother Raul recently. This is the same governor who banned state travel to Indiana during the gay rights controversy. He praised a dictator who hasn't had a democratic election in Cuba for over 50 years.
  • MSNBC, as I've often said, remains a haven for progressive lunatics followed closely by the likes of CNN.
  • As Islamist continue to stack one Christian body upon another, the progressives in the media remain generally silent on this holocaust. They actually believed that Michelle Obama's hashtag diplomacy against Boko Haram would work. In fact, when was the last time this administration had any success in its foreign policy?  As a reminder, this is the very same administration that released 5 Taliban prisoners for an American deserter.
  • And if that does not cause you any concern, perhaps this will.  Last week, a Canadian judge released Omar Khadr on bail. You might be asking yourself: Who is this guy? The Obama administration released this Islamist murderer from Gitmo two years ago. Some background. Khadr pleaded guilty to killing U.S. Army medic Chris Speer in 2002. Khadr was 15 years old at the time. Khadr happens to be the son of an alleged al-Qaeda financier. As Michelle Malkin pointed out, "The Khadr family is rightfully known as Canada's First-Family Of Terror."  
The progressive political class will continue to squeeze the life-blood out of America until all that's left is an intolerant homogeneous political class---all too reminiscent of the corrupt political classes in tyrannical regimes.