Friday, May 15, 2015

Media: Please Stop Pretending Your Honest, Credible & Ethical

Brian Williams remembers stuff that didn't happen, George can't remember stuff that did...David Burge Tweet

Is anyone really surprised at the revelations showing that George Stephanopoulos was caught giving thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation? I doubt it (even though the progressive political class could care less as they have a long history of lying and dishonest behavior anyway). Keep in mind, Georgie has been a life-long operative for the Democrat Party. In fact, Georgie, along with Katie Couric and other Democrats, had dinner with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2010. This is the same Epstein who donated millions to the Clinton Foundation and flew Bubba around the world in his private 727 dubbed the "orgy jet". (Daily Beast and NY Post).

In the last 8 years, we've witnessed the MSM...

  • Cloak Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton in bubble wrap. (Especially when it comes to Benghazi).
  • Exhibit sins of omission such as its conspicuous and bias coverage of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. In addition, its failure to report on the administration releasing over 35,000 illegal immigrants with serious criminal backgrounds (reported by Judicial Watch).
  • Silent for years regarding the lies associated with Obamacare. In fact, just this morning, Michelle Malkin reported (as she's been doing for 5 years) about ObamaCare exchanges failing around the country. At least half of the exchanges face serious financial problems in the future. 
  • Last April, Rolling Stone was busted for making a false rape report that was suppose to have happened at the University of Virginia.
  • And just this week, immediately following the Amtrak derailing, the main stream media (along with its sycophants in the progressive political class) attempted to exploit the tragedy blaming it on the lack of funding for infrastructure. They did this even before all the bodies were recovered, and we already knew that excessive speed was responsible for the crash. Just as disturbing, they even started blaming Republicans for the disaster.
  • Of course, we are now all too familiar with the lies and the myths perpetuated by the media immediately following the riots in Ferguson (the "Hands Up/Don't Shoot" myth). It was so conspicuous that even several CNN hosts expressed their own bias by making that gesture on their broadcast last December. (the nitwits above)
  • It was Judicial Watch again that broke the IRS scandal. The major networks failed to even report on it for weeks.
  • And who can forget Dan Rather's bogus reporting on George W. Bush and his military record?
  • The media's malfeasance again raised its ugly head during the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case when NBC News altered the Zimmerman 911 call.
  • It was the main stream media that suppressed the Fast and Furious scandal as well as Benghazi until the pressure mounted and made those scandals impossible to avoid.
  • And keep in mind, it's MSNBC that still has the race-baiting thug Al Sharpton on its payroll.
These are just a small sampling of the dishonest and unethical behavior that permeates today's media. Their malfeasance manifests itself on a daily basis. "Journalism" today is more about being complicit in perpetuating myths in addition to hiding and/or misrepresenting the facts. Much of the profession is no longer about reporting the truth---instead it's become more about deceiving the public for purely political purposes.