Thursday, May 21, 2015

Is It Time To Question The Mental Health Of The Progressive Political Class?

Same week Ramadi falls to Islamic State, Obama is preparing our military for the major threat of...climate change...Razor's Tweet

In the past, I've tried to restrain myself from questioning the mental health of the progressive political class. But I can't any longer.

Yesterday, Pres. Obama spoke to the graduating class of the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. The focus of his speech to the cadets was climate change. If anything, his spotlighting of climate change at an academy graduation certainly appears odd if not bizarre. 

Even more preposterous, he actually tied droughts and crop damage from severe weather to the rise of Boko Haram and the rise of ISIS specifically in Syria. I don't know about you, but I do know there have been droughts and severe weather throughout the planet's history, and ISIS is a relatively new and modern threat. 

The Coast Guard is certainly responsible for protecting our coastal waterways. That's undeniable.  But to connect that mission with global warming and relate it to the rise of global terrorism appears to me at least to be both delusional and exceedingly dangerous. In addition, commencement speeches to any academy normally targets genuine real-time threats to national security. And while this president tries to tie global warming to national security, his focus appears absurd in the face of today's threats from Islamist savages. In addition, even those who are concerned about global warming (climate change or whatever new designation created in their warped minds dictates), even they admit the threat is in the far future.

His address to the Coast Guard Academy reminds me of his address to West Point graduates last year. That address was widely panned by many in the media. Writing in the Washington Post that week, Charles Krauthammer wrote: "I think his speech was literally pointless...It was an answer to the chorus of criticism from his side of the {political} isle that its been a weak, rudderless foreign policy, which it has been." Applause from the cadets to that commencement speech was conspicuous by its absence. They also understood Obama was denying America's exceptionalism which he did. He also alluded to G.W. Bush's foreign policy. In other words, in both graduations, the target audience was not the cadets, but his political base---a political base awash in warped ideology.

Both of these speeches reminded me of a political cartoon not long ago. In one frame, a bubble over Mr. Obama's head says: "I'm ending the war in Afghanistan." In another frame over the head of an al-Qaeda thug says: "I'm not." That sums up what the real threats are to our nation.

As he did at last year's West Point graduation, I'm sure he also left the Coast Guard graduates asking themselves: WTF? Four years of busting my ass, and I'm forced to listen to this bullshit?