Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How Long Will America Tolerate This Transformational Chaos & Insanity?


  1. Whistleblowers
  2. Police
  3. FOX News
  4. Israel
  5. Border fences
  6. Crackers
  7. Frackers
  8. 11th Century Crusaders...WH Press Secretary

A challenge to those millions of Americans who continue to support the Obama administration's transformation and the overall direction of this country. Your support means you endorse the following (this is a short list):
  • The Iran Deal. In other words, you support a global terrorist state that continues to chant "Death to America" and wants to wipe Israel from the face of the earth. It also means you support giving this global terrorist state $150B in taxpayer dollars---a state that is directly responsible for the killing of over 1000 American troops.
  • An administration that is developing an Orwellian data base that will include data from housing, education, credit card transactions and more for the purpose of "racial and economic justice."
  • The long list of domestic failures including domestic economic failures---failures that have also not helped the black community one bit.
  • Just as disturbing,  the longer list of foreign policy failures as not only evidenced by the Iran Deal but also the global rise of ISIS and the murder of thousands throughout the Middle East---Christians and Muslims alike. And how long will you tolerate an administration that refuses to identify our enemy---Islamists?
  • You believe political cartoons are a problem.
  • The Mengele type actions of Planned Parenthood as evidenced by the five most recent videos exposing this agency's monstrous brutality. {In the history of humankind, no expectant mother has ever uttered these words: "I'm expecting fetal tissue."). This is an organization that performs 30% of all abortions in America a year. Yet, they are an abortion provider that's trying to persuade the public they don't want to be known for providing abortions. Also, they claim the attacks upon them are attacks upon women's health care. That's bullshit. There are literally thousands of agencies that provide a wide array of health services to women---without aborting infants.
  • The rise of government thugocracy. Michael Barone's outstanding book "Gangster Government: Barack Obama And The New Washington Thugocracy" is worth your read if your concerned about the direction of this nation. We also watched as the Senate under Harry Reid exercised this type of power over the Senate for several years and Pelosi over the House. And who can forget our own WWII veteran warriors who were locked out of their own WWII memorial by this administration? Moreover, very little has been done to correct the failures at the VA. (VA whistleblowers have felt the government wrath).
  • The government using the IRS to target groups simply because of their ideology. 
  • Shutting down free speech on our nation's campuses as well as in our nation's boardrooms and even Hollywood. For example, not long ago the CEO of Mozilla was forced out of his position simply because he donated $1000 in support of CA's Prop 8 years ago. For God's sake, these are the same people who even tried to shut down Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" because of his views regarding gays. Many small businesses have also felt the wrath from these cultural vultures.
  • A progressive media that only pretends to be honest, credible and ethical. A media that would make Goebbels proud if her were alive today.
  • You are pleased with the administration of many American cities where killing has outpaced anything we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan---on weekends alone. In addition, you show more concern about a lion killed by a moron in a country that has a long history of murdering thousands of innocents under Robert Mugabe for 35 years. The country? Zimbabwe--- which I'm sure many Americans thought was a new exercise dance craze before the news of the killing of Cecil the lion broke.
Even with these few examples, it's clear there will always remain millions in America who will never hold anyone accountable for this insanity.  After all, these are many of the same people who spout about tolerance and social justice as they continue to wear their Che T shirts. The are forever blind to their own hypocrisy.