Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Will The U.S.S. Hillary Clinton Be Able To Avoid The Iceberg Over The Political Horizon?

Hillary's economic doctrine: Money shouldn't be earned. It should be funneled...WH Press Secretary Tweet

If the most recent polls are to be believed, Hillary Clinton appears to be taking a nosedive. In short, in several key polls (Gallup, CNN, NBC/Marist), her favorable numbers are tanking as her unfavorable numbers keep rising. Those are both trends that would unnerve any politician. The fact that these numbers are being reflected so early in the political campaign season should be worrisome for the Clinton camp. While many believe low poll numbers don't mean much this early, I don't believe that theory applies to Clinton. The fact is the more she makes herself available to the public, the more her numbers trend downward. And, as we get closer to primaries, she'll have no alternative but to make more public appearances. 

About this time last year, I cautioned those opposed to Clinton not to put a fork in her just yet. I pointed out then that Americans have short memory life spans. While her accomplishments as both NYS Senator and Secretary of State are conspicuous by their absence for many that's ancient history. To make my point, I referred to Charlie Rangle who remains in Congress. Marion Berry was re-elected mayor of D.C. even after being caught smoking crack in a hotel room on video. And Bill Clinton still remains a hero to many on the left. These are but a few of many examples. In addition, half the country now is dependent on the government. It's one of many reasons why Pres. Obama was elected twice even though poverty levels are at historic highs---including among blacks.

But Hillary Clinton is facing another phenomena---her polling in the areas of trustworthiness and honesty have taken big hits in the last year. More disturbing for her campaign, Quinnipiac recently reported her honesty and trustworthiness problems fell in the key swing states of PA, Florida and Ohio. In fact, a recent AP poll found she's tanking among Democrats as well. And if that's not giving her campaign the willies, this should: A report today by the Wall Street Journal in their poll with NBC found she's losing ground with white women. As recently as last June, her favorable numbers among white women stood at 44%. Today, it's 34%. And 54% had a negative impression of her.

Perhaps Michael Goodwin of the NY Post said it best recently: "The arc of her {Hillary Clinton) life demonstrates the greatest threat was never someone on her enemies list. It was always the woman in the mirror."

Postscript: And now an FBI criminal investigation into her Email mess on her unsecured  private server. In addition, the FBI is also investigating emails that were designated above classified and top secret.