Monday, August 3, 2015

Let's Be Honest---The Political Elite Want To Watch The Trumpster Thrown In The Dumpster

Trump Tells Iowa Daily Farmers He Has Cows 500 Times Bigger Than Theirs...The Onion

As I've written on several occasions, I can't support Donald Trump {you can refer to a previous post: "Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump: Artificial Sweeteners?"}. But I do understand why he's so popular if the polls are accurate.

It's becoming increasingly clear to me and millions of others that his popularity illustrates how many Americans hold the Obama administration, Congress and the government in general in disdain. In addition, as noted in a recent Tweet by Fred Zeppelen, "Donald Trump is relevant because he is forcing the other GOP contenders to grow some."

Only time will tell whether the other GOP contenders grow some. After all, with only a handful of few exceptions,  their track record in the last seven years proves otherwise. I've often referred to the Republican Party as a "mirage."  However, I think Fred has a point. We've witnessed Trump taking on illegal immigration head on as most other established Republicans have been silent on the issue. Moreover, unlike many feckless Republicans, Trump doesn't back down when taken to task by the media. In fact, he doubles-down and rarely backs off on any of his comments or positions no matter how outrageous. At the same time, he's a genius at marketing the Trump brand.

There's another attitude he brings to the political debate. He's not afraid of being politically incorrect at times. And again, as I've often written, it takes courage to be politically incorrect in this current atmosphere. And while Hillary Clinton continues to appear to be more unethical, repugnant and sleazy, Trump appears to be just the opposite---at least in the minds of his growing supporters. For these reasons and more, you gotta admire the guy.

I believe Peggy Noonan said it best in a recent piece: "The GOP is waiting for Trump to do himself in---he's a self-puncturing balloon. True, but he's a balloon held aloft by a lot of people; they won't let him fall so easy...He won't be able to sustain it. And his supporters won't really want him to. They'll want him to be The Donald. Bombast will commence."

After all, I  also doubt many Americans would want the White House to be renamed---The Trump House.