Tuesday, September 1, 2015

As More Information Is Revealed Regarding Hillary Clinton---Where Are The Consequences?

MSM fails to report that the emails being released by the State Dept. are the emails that Hillary screened and turned over to the State Dept...Fred Zeppelin Tweet

In my past professional career, I spent many years in behavioral healthcare. In behavioral psychology there is a procedure called stimulus satiation. In short, it means the repeated presentation of a desired stimulus for the purpose of reducing the attractiveness of, and influence by, that stimulus.

So what does that have to do with Hillary Clinton? The fact is---a lot. And it's one of the reasons I pointed why we shouldn't put in fork in her yet.

In the last few years, we've watched as several scandals hovered above Clinton from Benghazi to the Clinton Foundation to the current email and server reports. Yet, even with all of this information, her campaign is still in full swing. In addition, her polling on the issues of her trustworthiness and credibility with the American public continues to tank.

In other words, stimulus satiation has kicked with the American public---especially the low information voters. The more data that's released, the more many Americans just yawn at the latest reports of alleged wrongdoing. Information overload and fatigue kicks in since it appears consequences don't apply to the elite political class.

The irony is this is one of several reasons Donald Trump is doing so well among many American voters. Trump knows this election is between the elites and the people. He knows they don't trust each other. But Hillary Clinton and her campaign also know more information that comes out about her wrongdoing is actually a benefit---it's an ally. She knows this because she understands that half the nation is---well---stupid.

And where does Clinton get her confidence and optimism? Not only from the realization that so many Americans are focused on what Miley Cyrus wears but also looking back on recent political history. Clinton knows America did elect her husband and Barack Obama---twice.

Postscript: We currently have a presidential candidate who is under investigation by the FBI in Hillary Clinton. We've also learned her first impulse is to reach for a lie.
Also, since this was posted, we've now learned more classified information was found on her unsecured server---in fact, information listed beyond top secret. DOJ just announced it's handing the case over to the FBI.