Thursday, September 3, 2015

Yo Republicans! How About Signing A Pledge To Do What You Always Promise To Do?

Since @Reince & @GOP love pledges so much, I propose all Congressional Repubs sign a pledge to DO WHAT THEY PROMISE like defund #Obamacare...Stubbornly Me Tweet

Before I begin, I want to give a hat tip to Stubbornly Me for giving me the idea for my post today. He's one of the best political observers out there. Thank you.

Those of you who are regular readers of my work know I've also taken Republicans to task over the years. In short, I've often said the GOP is a mirage as well as being spineless. Not long after the 2014 mid-terms, I asked: Do Republicans Know They Won A Landslide Mid-Term Election? Since I posed that question, it's become more apparent they have not.

Any casual observer doesn't even have to reach back to history to come to that conclusion. Just review the last two weeks. The Obama administration was able to 1) get support for the administration's biggest blunder yet with the Iran Deal. (If you desire, you can review my post regarding the Iran Deal by accessing this blog's archive). And 2) Mitch McConnell said Republicans will not be able to defund Planned Parenthood. Moreover, if anyone can get John Boehner to unseat himself from the bar stool for a moment, he'll tell you the same thing.

Even a dose of political Cealis couldn't infuse leadership into these two impotent Congressional leaders. Consider these few. 

  • Promises to get Obamacare repealed. Result: Obamacare is still law of the land.
  • Promises to fight Obama's executive amnesty. Result: Obama got it.
  • Promises to fight sequestration. Result: Sequestration
  • Promises for immigration reform: Result: Zero (By the way, I've always said we have a pathway to citizenship. It's called legal immigration. I know. My family took that path).
  • Of course, there's also Hillary Clinton and her Benghazi and email scandals. Meanwhile, as Boehner and company continue to guzzle down their Greygoose vodka martini cocktails at Charlie Palmer Steak House or The Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill, she remains a candidate for president of the United States.
The bottom line is clear. The GOP scams Americans almost as much as do Democrats. But the difference with Democrats is that most of them tow the party line and manage to run roughshod over Republicans even when Democrats are not in power. Any wonder why Trump is on fire? In fact, most recent polls show Trump actually gaining ground. Even more disturbing to the elites in the GOP, his favorability ratings have skyrocketed in just the last 2 months. And while I support several others over Trump, it's refreshing to observe a Republican with guts who doesn't allow either the party or the media to nail him down. 

Trump is taking the Republican Party to school on how to deal with the political power structure. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, it's leadership prefers to shed tears in a Beltway saloon rather than put up a fight for the very soul of the nation.