Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Obama Conducts Foreign Policy About As Well As John Kerry Rides His Bike

Today,  Iran's Ayatollah again said, "America is the great Satan." Obama said the warmth & friendliness got lost in translation...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

"I've been raped 30 times and it's not even lunchtime." That was from a young Yazidi woman via the NY Post.  And that's one of the many reasons we are currently witnessing the refugee crisis facing Europe. Many of these poor souls are trying to escape the savage clutches of ISIS. In fact, the desperation of this young woman and others is even more disturbing when she went on to tell Kurdish fighters battling ISIS: "If you know where we are, please bomb us. There is no life after this. I am going to kill myself anyway." How do we even comprehend such despair?

As I've written about in earlier posts, it's also the direct outcome of the Obama administration's catastrophic and failed foreign policy. We've watched as the Obama erased his red lines only to be replaced with red lines soaked in blood. We have an administration that keeps tormenting its allies as it cradles our enemies. One does not have to look much further than the administration's conspicuous antagonism towards Israel to the recent Iran Deal.  

It doesn't end with Obama either. Europe and the EU also have blood on their hands. What we're watching unfold now is the direct result of their combined appeasement in the face of these genocidal maniacs. Not long ago, I asked: Where are Churchill and Reagan when we desperately need them? In the early 1930's, Churchill warned of the Gathering Storm (also the title of his book) in Europe. He was the lone voice even as the Nazis were growing in power. After his forewarning, the Nazis invaded Poland in September of 1939. The rest is history. The Obama administration's foreign policy is such a mess not long ago Peggy Noonan reported that even retired U.S. generals and diplomats accused Obama of having no foreign policy plans. Leon Panetta, Obama's former CIA Director and former Secretary of Defense wrote in his memoir: "Obama avoids the battle, complains and misses opportunities."

As Michael Goodwin of the NY Post wrote recently, "America and Great Britain are led by frat boys." (Robert Gates, also a former Obama Secretary of Defense, wrote in his book "Duty" that Obama staff are too green and too merely political...").  Goodwin could have added several other European nations in his observation.  Just as disturbing, we are also witness to Russia, China and Iran establishing their military presence throughout the globe. China is even building islands for military use in South China Sea. Russia is partnering with Iran and selling them ballistic missiles (Gee, I wonder why?). Iran's presence in Syria continues to expand. 

As each day passes, it's becoming increasingly clear that Obama conducts foreign policy about as well as John Kerry rides his bike.