Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Morally Bankrupt As Her Pants Suits Are Coming Apart At The Seams

Better yet, name a single Hillary achievement.
But that question has been tossed around for many years.
Without a single answer...Fred Zeppelen Tweet

My regular readers know Fred's observation mirrors my own. I've been writing about Hillary Clinton's total lack of any meaningful achievements for several years now dating back to my piece entitled, "The Fairy Tale That Is Hillary Clinton" in March of 2013.

The most recent revelations regarding her personal server and classified emails (now being investigated by the FBI) expose problems that should concern every American---especially those who still support her.

Several weeks ago, information emerged that contradicted her claims she never received or sent classified information. In addition, she said she ha her personal server wiped cleaned.  At a town hall meeting in Vegas last month, she actually joked about wiping her server clean prior to submitting it to the FBI with the response to a reporter: "What? Like with a cloth or something?" She thought she was being funny. She wasn't. And that wasn't the first time she tried to make light of her email scandal. If you recall, she boasted about having a Snapchat  account because "those messages disappear all by themselves."

(Note: One of the many reasons government officials with security clearances are required to keep their correspondence on an appropriate government server is so that the material can be vetted and classified prior to hitting "send" to an uncleared recipient. Victoria Toensing former chief counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee.)

And earlier this week,  Clinton expressed her support for the Iran Deal even though admitting it is "flawed" but still "strong." Say what? This is typical Hillary Clinton double-talk. Remember, like most democrats at the time, she supported the Iraq war until the war started going south. Of course, it was safe for her to show her support for an Iran Deal that was already struck last month. In fact, earlier in July, her campaign had no idea if she supported the Iran Deal. Get the picture now?

Again, bear in mind, Hillary Clinton will change her positions only when they suit her political ambitions. She did it with illegal immigration when she said, "I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigration" ten years ago. But she "evolved" from that position recently as she did with many others including same-sex marriage.

One might counter my observations of Clinton with---"Well, most politicians do this." They do. But she's much more devoid of any core principles. She's morally bankrupt. And it's one of many reasons her pants suits are coming apart at the seams.

Postscript:  Since this was posted add the Benghazi Report,  the FBI findings and WikiLeaks.