Monday, November 30, 2015

American Colleges Creating A Crybaby Generation: Offended By Everything

"It's interesting to observe the liberal bastion of academia self-immolate at the hands of its own spawn."...NYPost, Letter to the Editor (T.R., Vero Beach, Fl.)

It's also interesting to watch the generation that's lectured us on tolerance morphing into the most intolerant generation in recent history.

Not too long ago, colleges and universities were never "safe places." Instead, these institutions challenged our brains. If those debates hurt someone's feelings, so be sit. Not so today. Today we're observing a generation that can't handle facts that might injure their already fragile psyches. As the editor of a local publication wrote recently: "While it is encouraging to see college students actively involved in issues like civil rights, there is a self-righteous and reactionary element that is disturbing." (Delco Times).

Some examples:
  • Melissa Click, the University of Missouri academic, who shouted "I need some muscle over here" to prevent a journalist from taking photos at a public protest.
  • Smith College banned journalists from a protest when the journalist refused their demands. What were the demonstrator's demands? The media was welcomed as long as the media joined the protesters in solidarity. The demonstrations were intended to bring more awareness to the issues of alleged racism on campuses around the nation.
  • The University of Wisconsin referred to the phrase "politically correct" as a microaggression.
  • A professor at Washington State University declared referencing women/men as females and males was derogatory and oppressive language.
  • Too many colleges and universities declared the display of American flags because the flags are "weapons for nationalism."  In addition, they also declared flags construct "dangerous cultural mythologies and narratives."
I'd continue with more examples. There are literally hundreds but my head would explode if I do.  It's becoming increasingly clear to those who are rationally minded that more and more colleges are plunging into progressive hell dominated by fascist ideas and actions. Their fragile feelings can't handle opposing views and/or opinions. Even more disturbing, these same collegiate tyrants don't realize that mitigating free speech places the right of free speech for everyone in jeopardy.

Stephen Moore of Freedom Works said it best: "A generation that has been told since pre-kindergarten that the highest virtue in life is tolerance has suddenly become the most intolerant in history."