Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mr. Obama Keeps Winking At The Enemy As He Becomes More Irrelevant

The White House mascot should be an ostrich...Greg Gutfeld

As I listen to the news conference with Presidents Obama and Hollande, it appears Obama is more concerned about "process" rather than action. Hollande made it clear he will use military actions against ISIS no matter where they are. But Obama's remarks remind me of failed military leaders who solely rely on tactics rather than marrying both tactics and strategy. Tactics alone will only lead to outcomes like we've seen carried out by ISIS in recent years.

And the posture by the White House towards terrorism is not only specific to ISIS. Al-Qaeda remains a serious threat. In addition, Israel has been dealing with daily attacks by Palestinians and Hamas. Even more unbelievable, Obama actually said, "Syria has broken down. It began breaking down the Mr. Assad started killing...his own people." Of course he did as he watched  Obama erase  his red lines. That was the green light Assad had been awaiting for weeks.

Not long ago, The NY Post summarized it best: "...Seven years into Obama's presidency, the promised worldwide Kumbaya is instead global chaos...caused in large part by his {Obama} willful retreat from America's position on leadership...America's allies are calling...They want an America that leads - not retreats.."

Unfortunately, it appears Gutfeld's observation is all too accurate.