Monday, November 23, 2015

We Are Fighting A Sick & Depraved Enemy But One That Can Be Taken Out

"Islamic terrorists love weak enemies, so let's not be one."...Amir Taheri

Let's put one disturbing fact on the table even if progressives continue to be delusional about it: Fighting Islamist terrorists is an unavoidable war.

We know this from many reputable sources. In the last year alone,  more than 6 dozen people have been intercepted by intelligence authorities for connections to ISIS. We also know that over 70 terrorist plots have been stopped in the last 14 years. According to the NYPD, NYC alone has been targeted almost 2 dozen times since 9/11. And those are the plots they report. Only they knew the real numbers.

And while all of this news remains distressing and cause for much anxiety, the fact is this enemy can be destroyed. As Taheri pointed out in a recent column, on the battlefield, ISIS has fought two major battles and lost both (in Kobane, Syria and in Sinjar, Iraq). The MO for ISIS has almost exclusively been specific to attacking soft targets. The recent attacks in Paris reinforce that claim as well as many other attacks upon innocent civilians. In addition, even their sympathizers more often than not prefer soft targets. One unforgettable example was the attack at the Boston Marathon.

The fact is it's time to unleash hell upon these cowards who even cover their faces most of the time.  At least France and some other countries have chosen to take the lead in destroying ISIS, not only their enemy but an enemy of humanity.

It's also time Mr. Obama also decides to take on these savages. For too long, Obama chose to be a bystander rather than a gunslinger. After all, he's the one who chose to stand by while Syria descended into uncontrollable chaos. He drew his red lines then erased them only to be replaced with red lines drenched in human blood of thousands of innocents. And because of his spineless leadership in this part of foreign policy, there are now over 10 million Syrian refugees who have been displaced and overwhelming other countries---perhaps even our own very soon. Just as disturbing, common sense informs us that some of these refugees will pose a security risk to our nation. In fact, it already has in Europe. And it's almost laughable if it wasn't so serious that the same administration who couldn't vet a loony sign language guy wants us to believe it can vet thousands of refugees.

ISIS can be taken out. We're just waiting for our leadership to understand it's time to take the garbage out and destroy it forever.