Monday, December 14, 2015

H.Clinton---like Obama---Cannot Escape From Her Ideological Straightjacket

"Hillary Clinton To Nation: 'Do Not Fuck This Up For Me.'" The Onion

Last week, I challenged the media to ask Hillary Clinton just three questions----
  • Have you ever told the American people the truth?
  • Why is your first impulse to reach for a lie?
  • Why should anyone believe you?
Of course, the media that's cloaked her and Obama in bubble wrap for years will never ask her any of those important questions. They won't because they know she's incapable of telling the truth. They also know----like themselves---she is unable to escape from her ideological straitjacket.

We've watched this phenomena with Obama for the last 7+ years. He's so entrenched in warped progressive ideology; he's even unable to name the enemy. Clinton, who served as his Secretary of State, exhibited the same distorted view of foreign policy. For example, we now know her tenure was a conspicuous failure even though most of the media fail to admit it. After all, it's been during her tenure and Obama's that terrorists like ISIS have declared a jihad across the globe----even reaching into our own nation.

So knowing all of this and more, I'm obliged to ask another even more important question of Hillary Clinton: Why should any American trust you with the security of our nation? After all, you couldn't even protect the life of one ambassador in Benghazi.

Obama, Clinton and the media would have made even Houdini envious.

Note: Since this was posted, the Benghazi Report was released reinforcing HRC's countless lies.  And The Comey Hearing also reinforced her deceit.