Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Folly Of Confidence In Government Vetting

You call these latest incidents "terrorism."  We liberals call them "gun control conversation starters."   WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

The government wants to import thousands of refugees from Syria. At the same time, they want to allay any anxieties we have about the vetting process.  "Don't be concerned," they say. "We know what we're doing."  Only a fool would believe that especially in the face of the last 7+ years of hyper incompetence exhibited by this administration (and others before them). Some examples that should make you reconsider any confidence you may have in our government:

  • Tashfeen  Malik, one of the terrorists in San Bernadio, had been posting radical statement on Facebook for almost 3 years. In addition, she passed at least 3 background checks before immigrating to the U.S. from Pakistan (a sanctuary country for terrorism).
  • What's worse? The policy of Homeland Security is to refrain from checking public postings like FB---it is their policy and a fear of  "bad public relations."---for whom?
  • As the administration announced it plans on importing thousands of Syrian refugees, ISIS bragged that they would exploit the refugee process to infiltrate the West.
  • It's also been reported ISIS is now able to create passable passports
  • Just recently, FBI director James Comey admitted it's not possible to do thorough background checks of 1000's of Syrian refugees. In particular, many of these refugees are not on any known database. How can there be in a country ravaged by war as Syria?
In other words, extensive so-called "vetting" didn't prevent what occurred in San Bernadino. It also didn't prevent what occurred on 9/11 as well as the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. Ramzi Yousef was the mastermind of the 1993 attack and was the nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the terrorist who planned the attack on 9/11. Most of the attackers had questionable immigration and visa documents.

These examples and countless others show clearly that the government's vetting process is less than encouraging. In fact, with few exceptions, it's foolish to think this government and administration can do anything well.

Postscript:  Since this was posted, how's that vetting working for Germany and France?