Monday, December 21, 2015

If You Still Support Hillary Clinton----You Are A Knucklehead

Hillary:  "We are now finally where we need to be against ISIS." Tell that to the over 100 people in Paris and 14 Americans in San Bernadino. ... Razor's Tweet

"While Republicans battle over ideas, Democrats crown Hillary without any tough questions," wrote Peggy Noonan. She's right of course considering the presstitutes in the media fawn over Clinton. No where has this been more conspicuous than the scheduling of the so-called Democrat debates (as pointed out in this blog last week).

Most politically savvy and reasonable Americans already know Clinton "lies like a rug." In fact, every reputable poll taken clearly shows a majority of Americans find her untrustworthy and a congenital liar. That fact is no longer in dispute.

Knowing all of that and more, one has to wonder why so many knuckleheads still support Clinton. The fact that many of these folks want to see a woman as president, I believe only accounts for a small part of her popularity. Some of it can be attributed to the likability of Bill Clinton (although he has been conspicuous by his absence).

No, her support has to account for more than that.  The reason for her remaining support comes down----in my opinion----to another, more disturbing reason. It can be found in what the late, great George Carlin once said: "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." The answer is that simple.

After all, this is the Democrat candidate whose flipped and flopped over the war in Iraq (she supported it) to illegal immigration (she was against it) to proclaiming her opposition to the fat-cats on Wall Street as she's received more donations from CEO's than any other candidate including those "greedy" GOP candidates. In other words, they support a candidate who supports everything they PRETEND to oppose.

Moreover, Hillary Clinton----like most progressives----is whiny, is petty and vindictive and immerses herself in race, class and gender warfare. These are characteristics we've all watched emerge in the last 8 years alone. 

The only conclusion any reasonable observer can reach is clear:  Only a knucklehead would support Hillary Clinton.

Note: Since this was posted, the Benghazi Report was released and FBI chief Comey released his report.  In short, both clearly proved Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar. In addition, we now have the WikiLeaks and DNC Leaks. In addition, it appears Clinton  used the State Department as a "Pay To Play" enterprise.