Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why Do Islamists Apologists Continue To Genuflect To These Savages?

"Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance."  Mr. Obama

In the last DNC debate, Hillary Clinton made the absurd charge that Trump is becoming ISIS' best recruiter. And the reason according to this lunatic?  Islamists are showing videos of Trump insulting Islam and Muslims. Sound familiar? She and her administration made the false claim that a video was the match that lit up the consulate in Benghazi. To date, there is no evidence of either.

It's clear that progressives like Obama and Clinton continue genuflecting to Islamists. Let's take a look at just some of the global headlines in recent yeas.  
  • Hamas Talks Peace----With ISIS.
  • Yazidi Women and Children Sold In Turkey
  • Man Executed For Missing Prayers
  • ISIS Is Bragging About Using Refugees To Bring Terror To Europe
  • Refugee Children Beat Gay Man To Death In Sweden. Note: murdering gays is an Islamists pastime.
  • Hamas Calls For More Violence Against Israel
  • Sudan Jails Six Students For Being Gay
  • 67% Of Palestinians Back Knife Attacks Against Israelis.
  • Islamists Hurl Bomb Against Hindu Temple
  • Nine People Are Killed By Child Suicide Bombers In Nigeria
  • Three Journalists Are Brutally Murdered Outside A Christian Radio Station in Mali
  • Sixteen Patients Are Killed In A Syrian Hospital By Two ISIS Suicide Bombers
  • Twenty  Villagers Are Hacked To Death By Islamists In A Nigerian Village.
  • A Half-Dozen Villagers Are Stabbed To Death In Nigeria by Boko Haram (How's that hashtag working for you Mrs. Obama?).
  • Three Villagers Are Shot To Death By Islamists In The Philippines.
  • And Islamist State Execution Video Shows Six Shiites Blown Apart By A Rocket Launcher in Yemen.
  • Two Gay Men Are Thrown From A Rooftop By A Sharia Court in Syria.
  • Eighteen Captives Are Executed By ISIS In Syria.
  • A Mass Grave Is Discovered In Iraq Containing 123 Bodies Who Were Executed By ISIS.
You get the picture.  Oh! Forgive me. I didn't mean to mislead you. Just to make a point.  Most of the above attacks took place in the last 30 days.

Since 9/11, there have been almost 28,000 Islamist attacks world-wide.

Sources: Hat-Tip to The Religion of Peace website as well as Persecution.Org and the FOREIGN PRESS.