Monday, January 4, 2016

Bold---Not Really---PWZ 2016 Predictions

Clinton Promises To Enact Agenda Whether Or Not She's Elected...The Onion

This will be the first time The Political War Zone will make predictions. As in previous years, I've always reviewed the previous year {refer to last week's post}.  But I've decided to make some bold predictions for 2016.  Why not? Everyone is doing it.  Strap in because 2016 is going to be another wild ride:

  • The Obama administration will continue to make one blunder after another in domestic and foreign policy.
  • Even more disturbing, the administration will continue to skirt The Constitution and Congress.
  • Hillary Clinton's first impulse will always be to reach for a lie.
  • John F. Kerry will remain a back-stabbing, pompous ass.
  • Until he leaves the Senate, Harry Reid will continue to be the most miserable prick in Congress.
  • The Republican Party will remain a mirage.
  • The debt will continue to climb and neither party will do anything about it.
  • The Iran Deal will continue to remain one of Obama's worst blunders.
  • Iran and Russia will continue to flip Obama the bird.
  • Boko Haram will continue laughing at Michelle Obama's useless hashtags.
  • Cities like Chicago, Detroit, NYC and others will continue to plunge into progressive hell.
  • Hillary Clinton will continue to accuse Republicans waging a war on women as she and Bill did during his tenure.
  • Bill Cosby, a bad man---Bill Clinton, a good man (after all, he was the first black president according to most progressives).
  • If a Democrat is elected president, income inequality will disappear---except for all the poor people they will continue to leave in the wake of their warped policies.
  • Colleges and universities will continue to create more "safe spaces" for all the crybabies on their campuses.
  • The Obama administration will continue to proclaim the economy is improving as millions more drop out of the workforce and more will enter poverty.
  • Obama will continue to proclaim its administration is the most transparent in history.
  • African-Americans will continue to support Obama even though he will do nothing for them as in previous years.
  • Islamic terrorism will continue even though the Obama administration will not recognize it as such.
  • The main stream media will continue to shield Hillary Clinton from criticism.
  • Obama will continue "leading from behind" resulting in more tragic consequences for America and the rest of the world.
  • The anti-cop crowd will continue to proclaim cop killings are an epidemic (Note: About 970 people were killed by police last year.  The majority of those killed were brandishing weapons.  90 were unarmed and mostly white. White police officers shooting unarmed black men accounted for less than 4% of fatal police shootings. One has a better chance of dying by slipping in the tub or killed in a storm than by a cop....WaPo and NYPost).
  • Progressives and apologists will continue to blame Islamophobia even though FBI data showed approximately 15% of hate crimes were against Muslims whereas 60% were against Jews.
  • VP Joe Biden will say something stupid again.
  • Conventional wisdom and common sense will continue to be victims of political ,correctness.
  • Donald Trump will continue having the media scratch their heads.
  • Bruce Jenner will continue being referred to as "Caitlyn" even though he still has a package between his legs.
  • The damage created by the Obama administration will far outlast his presidency.
  • The main stream media will continue pretending it's honest, credible and ethical.
  • More Americans will know more about the Kardashians than about the threat of ISIS and other terror groups.
  • Obama will continue bashing America and Republicans especially when he's overseas.
  • Obama's policies will continue to create a generations of self-perceived victim and grievance peddlers
  • DNC Chairwoman and representative---Debbie Wasserman Schultz will remain the dumbest person in Congress.
  • If you like your health plan, you....
Happy New Year!!!