Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Obama: Crocodile Tears Or Genuine Tears Of Sorrow?

Gun Control: Tear Time
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There has been as much reporting about Obama's tears at his gun control presser yesterday as about the substance of his speech----perhaps even more.

Anyone who reads my work on a regular basis knows I've taken Obama and his administration to task on many issues. Yet, I'm "almost" willing to believe he was sincere when he recalled the Sandy Hook massacre. After all, it involved innocent children. As a father himself, his empathy just might have been heartfelt.

However,   I hedge to some degree knowing this man---this president---is capable of conning the nation. He's done it too many times. So you have to pardon me if I'm a tad cynical. After all, we didn't see him shed public tears over the brave American heroes killed in Benghazi. We didn't watch him shed public tears over the public beheading of James Foley and many others. We didn't witness his shedding tears over the shooting death of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco last year by an illegal immigrant who already had been deported five time but was living in a sanctuary city. We haven't seen Mr. Obama shed any public tears for all those brave American men and women who were killed in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nevertheless, since I can't see into his heart, I'm going to assume what we witnessed was genuine.

On  the other hand, Mr. Obama was disingenuous and dishonest when it came to his new gun regulations. It's become very clear---very conspicuous---that the executive orders he announced yesterday would have done nothing to prevent what happened at Sandy Hook and other mass shootings. By the same token, what his executive orders do is continue to chip away at the rights we have under The Constitution. And that should concern every law abiding American.

Just as disturbing, his executive orders yesterday could very well have been promoted to divert our attention from his failed domestic and foreign policies.

So can you blame me and many other Americans who ask: Crocodile tears or genuine tears of sorrow?