Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015: The Year Of More Political + Cultural Clusterfu#ks

Republicans are out of touch...Guy who thinks the root cause of radical Islam is the weather...Razor's Tweet

Normally, I this time of the year I summarize the plethora of lies by the political class. I thought I'd do something a tad different.  I thought 2015 is a good year for listing the many political and cultural clusterfu#ks.  So let's begin:

  • The media and the Obama administration will go down as perpetuating a multitude of false narratives. We've witnessed from this  the administration trying to persuade us they can vet potential terrorists (Ft. Hood, the Boston Marathon bombing and the San Bernadino attack proved they can't) to Ferguson ("Hands Up/Don't Shoot"). 
  • The promises that the administration will "fix" the VA problems. Just recently, over 100 vets had their benefits revoked because the VA declared them dead. VA managers who retaliated against whistle blowers have not been disciplined.  Bonuses are still being given out to poor performers.  All of this and more as the VA's budget tripled in the last 20 years.
  • A NYC female fire fighter who failed the physical six times was allowed to graduate.
  • An administration who will not name our enemy.
  • A Democrat candidate for president in Hillary Clinton whose entire career has been laced with incompetence and corruption. She has a legacy more stained than Monica's blue dress.
  • A progressive political class (Republicans as well as Democrats) who believe compassion trumps our national security.
  • A political party---Republicans---who continue to flip conservatives the bird as evidenced by the budget passed two weeks ago.
  • A political class and media who are outraged more at what Trump says than what terrorists do.
  • A progressive political class that has lost all respect for ethics and law enforcement.
  • A president who continues to lead from behind---a strategy that often leads to tragic consequences.
  • Voters in American cities who continue to  vote in progressives who then plunge their cities into progressive hell. We've watched that play out recently in NYC and Chicago.
  • A Republican Party that is no longer an opposition party but rather a mirage.
  • The Iran Deal.
  • Truth and facts are still not progressive values.
  • A DNC debate schedule that hides their candidate from the public.
  • A Democrat candidate in Hillary Clinton who will say anything to get votes except being honest.
  • A Democrat candidate in Hillary Clinton who rails against Wall Street big money but has received more political donations from Wall Street CEO's than any candidate in the GOP race.
  • An American president whose become irrelevant and ignored globally.
  • An American president who continues to criticize his own nation even when he's overseas.
  • An American president who keeps red lining American prestige, strength and power.
  • A president who continues to diminish America's greatness.
  • An American president who views terrorism as a distraction from his real agenda: climate change, gun control and continued transformation of America to his warped image of America.
  • An American media who continues to scratch their heads as Donald Trump's numbers continue to rise completely unaware more and more Americans are fed up with their lies and politically correct ideology.
  • In another universe, Hillary Clinton wouldn't stand a chance against most of the Republicans running for president. Most are competent. She's not.
  • A culture who still has a love affair with bold-faced liars.
  • A media who pretends to me credible, honest and ethical.
  • A nation that actually has Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other nitwits representing Americans in Congress.
  • A part of our culture who still turn to Al Sharpton for guidance in criminal and ethical matters.
  • A progressive political class who continues to try to convince us that Islamists are not  the enemy.
  • An entertainment and news culture that actually still tunes into MSNBC.
  • A system of higher education that wants to restrict the right to free speech and free association. Safe-space hysteria.
  • Political correctness and appeasement continue to infect the body politic and the culture (but Trump's campaign may be changing that).
  • Golf and vacations---a lot of golf and vacations.
So 2015 was a good year----a good year for more political and cultural clusterfu#ks.