Monday, February 22, 2016

The Establishment IsTrying To Figure Out This Political Rubik's Cube

I Am Fun...Hillary Clinton from The Onion

As many rational Americans are doing lately, I keep scratching my head with what's going on in the political environment today.

Just this past weekend alone,  Mr. Obama decided to skip the funeral of a Supreme Court Judge (you can refer to my previous post regarding my thoughts on Obama's insult to Scalia, his family and the Court). A week earlier, he announced there would be cuts to the counterterrorism funding for NYC.  And in the same week, the WH announced Obama would be visiting Cuba---Cuba still a repressive regime. Even the far-left Huffington Post felt compelled to remind their readers of over 8,500 political arrests in Cuba in 2015 alone. Add this to the failed Iran Deal as well as the long list of a financial struggling middle class, stagnant wages and a total collapse of our foreign policy.

This past weekend, we also had the S.C. Primary and the Nevada Caucus.  It continues to confound  me as well as many other Americans that Hillary Clinton is still in the race with her current list of scandals. This is a presidential candidate that deserves indictment not votes. Then again, the number of ignorant Americans is confounding, After all, Obama was elected twice.  And those that do follow the Clintons are probably succumbing to some type of fatigue or scandal overload.

And then there is Bernie Sanders. Who knew an avowed socialist (and a guy who flew the Soviet flag in his office as mayor of Burlington, VT)  would not only be so popular among so many AMERICANS but he'd be giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money? Please take a moment to review my post on Bernie entitled, "Bernie Sanders and His Marxist Minions" dated 1/28/16 to find out more about Bernie's overt Marxist background.

The Republican race may have many in the establishment puzzled and perplexed but it certainly doesn't appear the voters feel the same way.  Trump continues to run the table with Cruz and Rubio nipping at his heels.  Jeb Bush, the establishment candidate, had no other alternative but to bow out. He clearly understood the political and financial mountain he was facing was too high to climb.  As I pointed out last summer, I felt Trump was "water skiing in the wake" left behind by the Tea Party. If you recall those days,  the Republican establishment paid the Tea Party no mind even after it was their support that gave the Republicans an landslide mid-term election victory.

I don't know about anyone else but I think it's a beautiful thing watching how all of this is playing out. It's even more enjoyable watching the establishment trying to figure out this political Rubik's cube.

Postscript: Since this was posted, it appears we're heading toward a Trump v. HRC battle. And the establishment keeps struggling with this Rubik's cube.