Monday, February 15, 2016

Will Republicans Hold The Line In Filling Scalia's Seat?

BHO has gone around Congress + the Constitution repeatedly but now Congress better follow the rules & approve his Supreme Court nominee...WH Press Secretary Tweet (satire)

Finding a replacement for Justice Scalia will be a battle. But there's one major problem---Republicans have failed to hold the line in the past when confronting Mr. Obama and the Democrats. The fact is the Democrats have always been better when it comes to engaging Republicans in battle. And make no mistake---this will be a clash of ideologies.

Already Republicans have raised the "Thurmond-Leahy Rule"   In short, it's an agreement that all judicial appoints will be halted in the last six months of a president's time in office. Good luck with that. This is a president who regulary shoves aside the Constitution  What do they think he will do with a rule?  And are Republicans going to take comfort in Senate Majority Leader McConnell's belief that Scalia's seat will remain vacant until after the 2016 elections?  I doubt it nor should they.  After all, as I've written about in the past,  I believe the Republican Party has been a party of political cowards.   This is a party that won two mid-term elections with massive landslides but you wouldn't know that with their conspicuous weak-kneed and spineless behavior?

Yes, the coming months will be political warfare. The question remains: Will Republicans hold the line?