Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Absurdities Are Becoming The New Normal

You might be a liberal if college students need a safe place, but NC children in a bathroom don't...Razor's Tweet

Earlier today, I couldn't help pondering the absurdities we've been witnessing by the progressive political class in just the last eight years,  As I was thinking about this, I recalled that Michael Moore was given a seat of prominence (a YUGE seat) at the 2004 Democrat convention. He sat next to Jimmy Carter. If America didn't foresee what was coming during Obama's tenure, they should have. That seating of Moore was Obama's first message to America: My kind of "transformation" is coming.

So I thought of other absurdities.  The following is my short list but not by any means a full accounting. That would take a book the size of The Bible.

  • On the Democrat ticket for president, we have both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. ABSURD considering they would further plunge America into progressive hell.
  • A Rachel Doelzal, a white woman, tried to convince others she was black. ABSURD!
  • The state of North Carolina is catching hell (now from Obama's DOJ) for informing their citizens men and women should be using separate bathroom facilities based on the gender they were born with. ABSURD to think men---who still have a full package---should be using a female public toilet facility.
  • A U.S. Senator wins her seat in the Senate by proclaiming she's a native American. And many voters bought that ABSURD claim.
  • Political African-Americans should be held in high esteem---unless, of course, they happen to be conservative Blacks...ABSURD!
  • Progressives on college campuses support tolerance and diversity....unless the students happen to be conservative. Or, even more disturbing, unless they support Israel. ABSURD!
  • Police shooting of Blacks is an epidemic. Even the left-wing Washington Post found white cops shooting unarmed black men accounted for less than 4% of total police shootings.  And in 75% of those shootings, police were either under attack or protecting civilians.  Cop killing is an epidemic---ABSURD!
  • Progressives want Americans to believe Socialism is now acceptable. They want us to Feel the Bern.  What we do know about Socialism is that its subjects always feel the pain. Socialism!  ABSURD!
  • When progressives attack black conservatives, it's always about policies. But when white conservatives attack black politicians---it's racism. ABSURD!
  • Progressives like Hillary Clinton attack Republicans for waging a war on women. That's conspicuously ABSURD considering it was Clinton who started waging the war on women.
  • Progressives like Hillary Clinton want women making the same wage as men.  Unless, of course, it's women who worked for her and made less than their male counterparts. How ABSURD is her claim?
  • The presstitutes in the media hail the notion for economic equality. How ABSURD is that coming from a profession where senior executives and their top anchors make millions just for reading off a teleprompter.
  • Many in the media want the public to believe they are actually objective, honest and ethical. ABSURD!
  • Progressives always proclaim "right to choose."---unless it's the right to own a firearm, the right to send your child to a charter school, the right to have your child rather than abort your child or the right to own a business and sell your product to whomever you choose.  ABSURD!
  • It's acceptable to be a bold-faced liar like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton ("I did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinski) or President Obama with just his Iran Deal to name one. But have a conservative be caught in a lie?  Mon Dieu!! ABSURD!
  • A progressive political class and media who try to convince us that "gun free zones" are actually safe places.  ABSURD!
  • The political class that tries to convince us that the millions of pages of government regulations are for the "greater good."  ABSURD!
  • A political class that tries to convince us that Reid, Pelosi, Boehner and other political miscreants are actually looking out for the American people.  ABSURD!
  • Most of the progressive gun control advocates from D.C. to Hollywood live in gated communities and have personal armed body guards.  Yet, they want us to be unarmed. ABSURD!
  • A political and elite class that tries to convince us that we can COEXIST with Islamists. ABSURD!
  • It's still George W.Bush's fault. ABSURD!
  • Smoking tons of weed is good for us. Smoking one cigarette or cigar is bad. ABSURD!
  • Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize?  ABSURD!
  • "We can't have people who just violate the law and then just walk away from  it." H. Reid the same guy who supports illegal immigration. ABSURD!
As you can clearly see, the absurdities are endless.  Or, as Josh Earnst, a parody Twitter account wrote recently: "Looks like POTUS won't be able to work on our plan for ISIS today. He's busy launching an attack on real terrorists, North Carolinians."